14 Vogue Staff On The Best Advice They Got From Their Moms

My mother’s best advice is the simplest: “Be nice.” When I was 20 and she visited me in New York, I was embarrassed when she greeted people in my neighborhood with a smile and a “Hello.” Now I find myself doing it on my way to work. There are a few simpler ways to make me feel better. —Nicole Phelps, Global Director, Vogue Runway and Vogue Business

“Honey, go to bed”

Photo: Courtesy of Chioma Nnadi

“Honey, go to bed.” That was always the advice my mother gave me, her overly conscientious child. As a teenager, I spent hours studying late into the night for fear of failure. Sleep seemed like such an epic waste of time. I was desperate to know all things upside down, upside down. At the time, I had no idea the importance of resting my mind, of taking a break, of looking away from the screen. She was the first person to teach me the importance of self-care, maybe because she never had a free moment for herself. She worked night shifts for decades, barely slept a wink so she could be there for us during the day. Did the most for us. It destroyed his health. And it’s always something that hurts my heart. Now when I spend time with her, I try to remember those words. I indulge in relaxing things with her. During her cancer treatment, she discovered mindfulness. Once in a while we lay down on the floor before bed and play one of his yoga nidra meditations. At the end, we usually laugh together, but it’s so nice to still be with her. —Chioma Nnadi, Global Network Manager and Editor-in-Chief, Vogue.com

Action speaks louder than words

Photo: Courtesy of Virginia Smith

Rather than giving advice, my mother showed me the way by example. My mom showed me how compassion could turn a volunteer role into a full-time job helping children with disabilities. Her determination and dedication showed me that women are a force to be reckoned with. She showed me how love, humor and friendship strengthen a 60-year marriage. Recently, with the passing of my dear father, my mother showed me the honesty of dealing with great loss and the gratitude of great love. On this Mother’s Day and every day, my mom has shown me that actions speak louder than words. —Virginia Smith, Global Head of Fashion Network

“Nobody is better than you, and you are better than nobody”

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Gonzalez

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