15 Charlotte fitness studios with great deals like free classes

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Several studios around Charlotte have great signup deals to bring people back to the gym these days, including free classes and discounted memberships.

Inventory: The pandemic has caused many of Charlotte’s fitness studios – like Barre Code, Yoga One and Flywheel – to shut down permanently. But newcomers have also risen from their ashes, like SkyCYCLE, Charlotte’s first outdoor cycling studio.

  • Fitness studios have had to pivot to stay afloat, ranging from offering virtual classes to expanding generous specials for new clients.

here are 15 local gyms that are currently offering registration offers.

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Training Style: Their signature style is faster, more stimulating hot yoga, with a slower blend of flowers also on the weekly schedule.

Offers: 3 weeks for $ 39.

Pitches: Cotswold (274 S Sharon Amity Rd. # 1) and Dilworth (2230 Park Rd.).

Training Style: Corepower offers a variety of yoga classes, including Vinyasa classes, sculpting classes, hot yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation classes.

Offers: 2 weeks free.

Site: Midtown (209 S. Kings Dr.) and Park Road (540 Brandywine Rd.).

Training Style: Traditional Pure Barre classes involve small but powerful movements with a focus on the arms, abs, seat, and thighs. They also have more cardio-based classes, crash classes, and resistance classes.

Offers: Two weeks for $ 79 or 3 months unlimited for $ 135 per month + 20% off the first month.

Site: Myers Park (603, chemin Providence)

Training Style: HSM offers high-energy bodybuilding classes with a focus on sculpture and strength.

Offers: $ 15 for first class (normally $ 27) and $ 150 for a pack of 10 classes (normally $ 230)

Site: Myers Park (516 Fenton Pl.)

Training Style: They have six unique workout classes that focus on aerobics and sculpting using a variety of techniques from boxing and bosu balls to mini trampolines.

Offers: One month unlimited for $ 179 until October 31.

Site: South End (1930 Camden Road)

adjustment workshop

Training Style: OTF’s circuit-style courses have three sections: treadmill, floor, and rowers. You will cycle through various strength training and cardio exercises.

Offers: One to two free classes at some locations.

Site: There are over 10 locations in Charlotte, from Ballantyne to Steele Creek to Park Road. Find one near you here.

Training Style: Cyclebar is an indoor cycling course.

Offers: Five classes for $ 59 or one unlimited month for $ 99 (usually $ 149).

Site: Downtown (339 S. Kings Drive)

Training Style: This is a reformer-based Pilates class.

Offers: One week of unlimited lessons for $ 45. They also have regular community classes for $ 10 each.

Site: South End (1932 Hawkins Street)

solid core

Training Style: Barry’s is a bootcamp style high intensity interval training class.

Offers: Three courses for $ 45 (normally $ 29 for 1).

Site: South End (2140 South Blvd., Ste. 2).

The interior of Atherton Barry

The interior of Atherton Barry

Training Style: The class has three interval-based sections focusing on endurance, speed and power, as well as strength and endurance.

Offers: Five days for $ 5.

Site: South End (2610 South Blvd.) and Elizabeth (2115 E. 7th St, Suite 104).

Training Style: They offer HIIT classes based on endurance, strength, power and agility.

Offers: Two-day free trial.

Site: South End (200 West Blvd, 150 Street).

Training Style: The 45-minute classes include strength and HIIT methods.

Offers: 7 day free trial.

Site: There are several in the Charlotte area. Find one near you here.

Training Style: The family gym offers everything from group fitness classes and swimming pools to free weights. Dowd’s location even has a rooftop track with a view of the skyline.

Offers: When you join the Y between October 25 and November 15, you get 10 free guest passes.

Site: There are several branches in the Charlotte area. Find one near you here.

track on the roof of the dowd ymca

Training Style: You will take a fitness assessment, then a trainer will give you an eight-week workout guide.

Offers: Four weeks free.

Site: Métropolitain (1111, avenue Métropolitaine, unit 110).

Training Style: Your membership allows you to use your monthly credits towards any participating gym, from aerial yoga classes to barre workouts.

Offers: One month free.

  • Register and find courses here.

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