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Historically, training strongman athletes has been difficult due to their massive frames, which cannot fit in regular machines. That’s why Brian Shaw decided to build his own gym. He spared no expense to make it perfect as he will spend a lot of time training there. His gymnasium has been under construction for many months now, with the recent unveiling proving why it took so long to complete.

Brian Shaw gave a full tour of his new gym and posted it on the SHAWSTRENGTH YouTube Channel. It turned out to be absolutely huge and filled with machinery that will help Shaw prepare in the best possible way for his next competition.

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Brian Shaw Gymnasium Tour

After showing his first two pieces of equipment, which were the Reverse rear extension and one back attack, Brian Shaw has revealed that almost nothing about his gym is normal. He modified many machines in order to adapt to it or to be able to take more weight.

“Everything can be modified and strengthened. That’s what a lot of equipment I’ve had to do. Just because I beat him.

Brian heads to his warm-up/cool-down area, where he’s lined up a few machines. The first is a Swiss Wing, which vibrates and can soothe muscle pain. Right next to it, Brian Shaw placed a Power supply plate which can help with muscle activation. A conveyor belt is also in this row, but Shaw explained that he doesn’t use it much. The Rogue Echo Bike completes the collection.

Brian Shaw also has a power supply of Rogue alongside numerous attachments. More interestingly, Shaw joined the Endless rope trainer, so that he can put on the desired resistance and shoot as long as he wants. Immediately off the rack, Brian Shaw placed his impressive collection of dumbbells and fatbells. The heaviest set of dumbbells in Shaw’s possession weighs 230 pounds (104 kilograms).

The next row in Brian Shaw’s gym begins with a Free-moving twin-cable cross machine, which can be used for many things. Next to it is The Shaw Multistation Unit.

“I can do my pull-downs, I have another cable on the side. This side is more for the triceps and we have the seated row. Speaking of rows, I kind of set this up a bit where I can do similar moves together in the same area.

Shaw also offers another variation of the Seated row and one Seal Row Bench installed nearby. Brian then proceeds to show off his new gear, which is the Power Squat Pendulum. It was customized for him, so it’s a unique machine. He has a few other Pendulum machines lined up. here are the Reverse gluteal ham, leg extension, lying leg curl, and one Buttock Ham.

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This part of the gym is obviously meant for training the legs and lower body. So, Brian Shaw searched hard to find a piece of old-school equipment, which reminds him of his early training days. This machine is Flex Fitness Seated Leg Press.

“It was in the original World Gym where I started training. The weight stack isn’t necessarily heavy enough for me to do double-legged work. What I really like is working on one leg.

Brian Shaw posted a Regular Leg Press in this part of the gymnasium as well. However, it is not the huge machine that has been seen in some of his videos, as this will be used for the Shaw Classic 2022. To wrap up his leg section, Brian Shaw also has a Belt squat machine, deadlift platformand Monolift rack.

The middle of Shaw’s gymnasium is decorated with almost every type of dumbbell imaginableas well as some resistance chains and bands. In the corners of Brian Shaw’s gymnasium you can see Atlas Stones, a collection of sandbags, Strongman Frame, Yoke, Boxes, Throwing Bags, Tank from Torque, and some other accessories. A few spaces have been left free of any equipment so he can perform certain Strongman moves, such as Farmer’s Carries and Yoke Runs.

Up to the wall, Shaw lined the Standing Calf Raise Machineas good as three presses for chest and shoulders, each with a different purpose. Finally, Brian also got a heavy blacksmith machine and sent a message to all the people who hate him.

“For some reason people tend to think blacksmith machines are dumb. But I’ve had a blacksmith machine since I started adding more gear… There’s a lot of strong guys who train on it.

You can watch the video here:

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Brian Shaw will also add posters and mirrors to make the gymnasium feel like home. It’s amazing to think that he started training in his parents’ garage and has now built one of the biggest personal gyms in the world. As Brian now has more space to train, he will also invite more world-class strongmen to join him, so we can expect some crazy collaborations soon.

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