7 cult-favorite celebrity workouts you can do at home

Wondering how celebrities spend their time in the gym and who they rely on to train them has always been a matter of fascination and intrigue, especially before the pandemic. But now, with so many gyms and studios offering virtual workouts, it feels like having an A-list-worthy fitness routine is actually at your fingertips. And, thanks to the power of social media, you can see celebrities posting their favorite workouts and gear in real time, making them easier to copy than ever.

Take for example, SoulCycle, a tried-and-true celebrity favorite that now touts a home bike that celebrities like Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys and Kaley Cuoco use at home. And then there’s the bustling Sculpt Society, run by Megan Roup, which is adored by model moms like Shay Mitchell and Elsa Hosk. And of course, we must not forget the trendy craze for dance cardio DanceBody, which would have been adopted by Molly Sims and even Madonna (!).

So whether you love spin, dance, hot yoga, Pilates, or are looking for a new workout to try in 2022, let the stars guide you. Below are seven cult studios and brands frequented by some of the most famous bodies. Keep scrolling to find out how you can participate virtually and get all the details on the names you might be sweating with (virtually, of course).

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Membership price: $19.99 per month or $179.99 per year

The Sculpt Society is a sculpting and dance cardio workout class founded by star trainer Megan Roup. Roup launched the studio in New York, where he quickly garnered an A-list cult following with his upbeat, fun, and empowering classes. The studio’s virtual app features a variety of workout formats in addition to its signature offerings, including stretching and meditation. While there are certainly no-equipment classes, some of The Sculpt Society’s workouts will require tools like weights, mini bands, and a medicine ball (all available for purchase on the website).

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Membership price: $39.99 per month; the bike is priced at $2,500

SoulCycle was one of those studios that you had to be in a big city like New York or Los Angeles to experience. However, the cult brand launched its home bike (in partnership with the Equinox+ app) amid the pandemic, just in time for Soul fans to get their fix when many studios were closed to the public. Access to the Equinox+ app offers a ton of workout options in addition to the SoulCycle rides, as brands like Rumble, Precision Run, SolidCore, and Pure Yoga (to name a few) have also joined forces. associated with the app to stream a variety of fitness formats. Equinox also offers its own range of classes and workouts to try on the app, from Tabata classes to MetCon3 classes and more.

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Membership price: $34.99 per month or $349.99 per year

Katia Pryce, founder and CEO of DanceBody, is said to have trained famous bodies like Madonna and Molly Sims, among others. His studio’s streaming service offers live classes filmed at the studios, making you feel like you’re sweating alongside friends and colleagues. (On-demand workouts are also available to stream if the live program isn’t for you.) And if you’ve never experienced DanceBody before, here’s what you can expect: an athletic class inspired by the dance that combines choreography to your favorite songs of the moment from artists like Drake, Doja Cat and a few throwbacks.

Cardio dance classes vary in format but often include choreographed dances that change every three months, with an invigorating component at the end. You can take DanceBody classes without equipment, but a mat, light weights and a resistance band will come in very handy here.

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Membership price: $16 per month

Meghan Markle has been known to frequent Y7 Yoga for the past few years, and she’s not the only celebrity fan of the hot yoga studio (hi, Ashley Olsen). Y7 had to close its studios in New York and Los Angeles during the pandemic, but recently opened for IRL classes. That said, his virtual streaming workouts are always in high demand and ready to grab if you’re not ready to sweat it out in person just yet. To mimic the moody studio vibe (studios are heated and dark but for a few candles placed around the room) at home, blast your radiator, turn off the lights, and grab a speakerphone so you can listen to the playlist organized by the instructor before each lesson. .

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Membership price: $29 per month or $350 per year

Akin Ackman is a longtime SoulCycle instructor who was so popular that he branched out and started his own studio/brand, AArmy. Back when Ackman taught at SoulCycle, you might find names like Victoria and David Beckam in the front row. Now you can catch Ackman teaching at his studios in Los Angeles or New York, or join from anywhere via his streaming platform, which offers spin and HIIT-style classes. Disclaimer: AArmy sessions are not for the faint of heart — these intense bootcamp-style sessions will challenge you in the best way; they are very energetic and motivating for those who enjoy “team” dynamics and consider themselves “everyday athletes”. The app also includes a six-week workout plan and workout challenges to participate in.

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Membership price: $20 per month

Jessica Chastain and Ashley Olsen are just two celebrities who love a good Pilates class — specifically, New York Pilates founded by former professional dancer Heather Anderson. The studio typically offers reformer-only classes at its studios spread across New York and the Hamptons, but with the streaming platform you don’t need the machinery (although if you have one at home , there are courses that incorporate the material as well).

With over 200 workouts currently offered on demand (and more added monthly), you can choose from traditional Pilates workouts of any length that target specific areas of the body, like “Glute-Focused HIIT” or “5-Minute Low Ab Burn” just to name a few.

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Membership price: $19 per month or $199 per year

Obé Fitness offers 15 different class formats for people who like variety in their workout routine. All live-streamed workouts, from HIIT and Pilates to boxing, last exactly 28 minutes, just enough to get you sweating and targeting every muscle group. (Plus, a workout of less than 30 minutes is accessible enough for almost anyone to fit into a busy schedule.) Celebrities you might find streaming alongside you include Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore and Tamera Mowry, to name a few.

While you don’t need equipment for every class, some do require weights, a mat, or bands. (When searching for courses, you can filter them by the equipment you have). Obé has also rolled out new classes that include fun and buzzy tools like trampolines, spin bikes, jump ropes and kettlebells. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

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