A man from Tripura attends his own funeral ritual

Agartala: In a rather bizarre turn of events, a man thought to be dead returned home just as his father was about to perform his ‘shradh’ (funeral) rites on Tuesday. The incident happened in Kalkalia, under Mohanpur subdivision of West Tripura district, residents said.

Police reportedly handed over an unidentified body to the family and informed his family that he was no longer.

Sources said that Akash Sarkar, who was pronounced dead by the police, was found healthy and walking in his locality. Astonished to see him alive, locals flocked to his home when he entered. It is fair to say that Sarkar may never have expected such a welcome in a village he left months ago.

“I was admitted to the hospital. I have been staying in the streets of Agartala city for a few months. During the day, I do odd jobs, and at night, I sleep under the viaduct. As I am not in contact with my family, I was unaware of these things,” Sarkar told the media. He said his aunt met him wandering and informed him of his “fake death”.

“After I got discharged from the hospital, I was wandering the roads when my aunt identified me. First she scolded me and later she took me home,” Sarkar said.

Akash Sarkar

Ankan Sarkar, Akash’s father, said: “After Akash left, we filed a missing person complaint with the local police station. A few days ago we were asked to go to the morgue at GBP Hospital to identify a body. The body we were asked to identify was rapidly decomposing and was in no condition to be recognized. The police however told me that as the body was decomposing and was found in a body of water, it is difficult to be identified.

After being persuaded by the police, he said they had agreed to receive the remains and perform the last rites. “Now, on the third day of the cremation, we held the rites of Shradh, and I was about to start chanting the mantras when we received the information that he was alive,” Sarkar explained.

Police sources said that the body which was handed over to Sarkar’s family was found in a pond located in the town of Agartala.

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