Aerial Yoga: Rakul Preet Singh Inspires Fitness Enthusiasts to Nail ‘The Sunday Stretch’ | Health

Move into complex yoga positions on the floor and let Bollywood diva Rakul Preet Singh inspire you to seek peace and relaxation as well as strengthen your core with aerial yoga exercises. ‘Bend it like Rakul’ is our new fitness mantra and so will yours if you watch her defy gravity to pull off a ‘Sunday stretch’ or inverted exercise pose during her solid forward aerial yoga session. the new work week.

Drawing on his social media, Rakul shared a preview of his workout routine at the Anshuka Yoga studio. The photo showed her hanging upside down from a hammock during her aerial yoga session with the greatest of ease.

Pulling on a pastel blue sleeveless cropped top, paired with a pair of similarly colored tights, Rakul pulled her braids into a top knot to keep them out of her face during the rigorous workout. Balancing the hammock on his hips and tangling his legs on either side of its straps, Rakul leaned onto his stomach and stretched to hold the hands of one of the gym’s coaches while keeping his eyes closed in meditation.



Aerial yoga inversions require a stable core to help change position while hanging in the air and balance control helps burn calories. In addition to strengthening the trunk, it also strengthens and lengthens the spine, increases the flexibility of the body, increases the neuroplasticity of the brain, helps lengthen ligaments, relieves hip pain and alleviates tension in the back.

Turning upside down offers more than peace and relaxation. Whether it’s temporarily improving blood flow in the body or giving a person more energy and focus in the long run, aerial yoga inversions are full of benefits.

The inverted pose is especially useful for those who spend too much time in the office and it gives the practitioner’s hips a deep stretch while helping to realign the spine. Instead of leaving the hands outstretched like Rakul, one can also try folding them into anjali mudra behind the back and enjoying the health benefits of a deep and satisfying chest and shoulder stretch.

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