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Rules of Papmochani Ekadashi Vrat. photo credit: istockphoto

The Hindu lunar calendar is full of important dates and festivals. For example, a lunar month consists of two lunar fortnights, and on the eleventh day the devotees of Lord Vishnu observe a fast. This fast is called Ekadashi Vrat. And since two lunar fortnights make a Hindu month, the faithful celebrate Ekadashi Vrat twice.

Interestingly, each Ekadashi Vrat has a specific name and meaning. For example, the Ekadashi during Chaitra, Krishna Paksha or the waning phase of the Moon (according to the Purnimant calendar) or Phalguna, Krishna Paksha (according to the Amavasyant calendar) is Papmochani Ekadashi. Read on to know more about the date and meaning of Papmochani Ekadashi 2022.

Rules of Papmochani Ekadashi Vrat

Fasting for a day or more could harm your health. Therefore, evaluate your state of health before observing the vrat. Also consult your health specialist to avoid health complications, especially if you are undergoing treatment or taking medication. However, you can keep the vrat if you are medically fit.

  • Wake up early on Ekadashi Tithi (ideally during Brahma Muhurat – about two hours before sunrise).
  • Wash early and wear clean clothes.
  • Prepare for Dhyana (meditation) followed by Sankalpa (align your thoughts with the divine. Also, commit yourself to sincere observance of the true).
  • maintain celibacy
  • Do not eat onion, garlic, meat, rice, wheat, lentils and legumes.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  • You can have fruit, milk, sabudana khichdi or vada, kuttu or singhare ki puri or paratha etc. Choose your vrat recipes wisely to ensure that your digestive system gets the much-needed rest and, at the same time, the body gets its daily supply of nutrients.
  • Donate food / necessities to the needy.
  • Chant the mantra ‘OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ as many times as possible.
  • Read Vishnu Sahasranam, hymns and chant mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and finally, Papmochani Ekadashi Vrat Katha after performing puja on Ekadashi Tithi.

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