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Shweta started her day with an intense routine of strengthening her posterior chain. That’s how she pulled off the routine.

Shweta Tripathi loves her fitness routine. The actress continues to share snippets of her fitness diaries on her Instagram profile almost daily. The actor swears by yoga and high intensity routines and makes sure to share the snippets on his Instagram profile with the intention of motivating his Instagram fans to start taking workouts seriously. Shweta can do it all – from being in beast mode at the gym and following an intense routine to being calm and relaxing with a yoga position. Shweta’s fitness trainer also continues to share snippets of her intense routine on Instagram.

A day ago, Shweta started her day with a range of routines focused on strengthening her back. The actor’s fitness trainer, Tridev Pandey, shared a short video of the actor working out in animal mode at the gym on his Instagram Stories. The video was later shared by Shweta on her own Instagram stories. In the video, Shweta can be seen standing and leaning slightly forward. She can be seen holding a kind of swinging rod with both hands and moving it up and down repeatedly. Dressed in a white graphic tee and pink gym shorts, Shweta can be seen engrossed in her routine.

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Tridev shared the video and wrote about the exercise routine performed by the actor in the video. “Shweta Tripathi strengthens the posterior chain,” he wrote in his stories. Take a look at excerpts from Shweta’s routine here:

Instagram story by Tridev Pandey. (Instagram/@tridevpandey)

The posterior chain refers to the muscle groups located at the back of the body – from the upper back to the calf muscles. They help improve explosive movements and develop body posture. Strengthening the posterior chain helps counteract unexpected forces on the muscles and boost the body’s athletic performance. It also helps prevent injuries.

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