Anxiety Treatment: Why A Monthly Massage Can Relieve Your Anxiety

Everyone knows massages are relaxing in the moment, but we don’t understand how a successful massage can be a solution to long-term poor mental health. chatted with Charlie Thompson, co-founder and CEO of The Massage Company to learn more about the connection between mental health and massage.

There are many well-known and documented benefits of massage.

Charlie pointed out, “There are some well-researched articles from the Touch Institute in Miami that detail the physical benefits to the body, which are not just muscle and physical body well-being, but mental health as well.

“Massage has many benefits for the mind, and massage therapy will help with everything from stress to improved sleep, as well as general muscle pain for which massage is well known.”

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Massage can be expensive, depending on where you go and the type of massage you receive.

However, you will only need one massage every month to get started.

Charlie said, “How often you need a massage depends on your physical needs.

“For example, an injury or a traffic accident or something that is a particular problem that needs to be fixed and quite often, so you can get a weekly or fortnightly massage for that.
“However, to improve mental health it doesn’t have to be that frequent – getting a massage once a month will do.

“Getting a massage every four weeks is enough to take advantage of that natural feeling that your body will start to create, depending on your lifestyle and whether you are primarily sitting in front of a laptop working at a computer or standing while standing. the weather. “

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There are a number of different types of technical massages that you may have heard of if you go to spas.

These are generally more holistic and use aromatherapy, and Charlie says they’re great for mental health.

However, a firmer sports massage or something deeper will benefit your sanity in a different way.

Charlie stressed, “The perfect massage for you depends on your own aptitude and your own preference.

“The best-known massage for preventing mental health problems is Swedish massage, which combines more relaxing techniques with effective massage.

“The way the massage is performed, the precision and skill of a therapist is so important and that is why we always recommend that anyone taking a massage to really research the therapist, center or clinic for. make sure they have good training.

“There are a variety of training available in the UK and Europe so check the therapist’s training before booking and put yourself in good hands to ensure you get great results.”

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