Avant-Garde hosts the New Age ‘Give Peace a Chance’ festival on August 15

BRAFORD – It starts with a mix of The Beatles, Bob Marley and originals performed by Peace at Om, a group that describes themselves as “like-minded yogis who happened to be bassists” who came together to create “a loving collaboration of groovy and catchy music.

It’s the New Age ‘Give Peace a Chance’ festival hosted by Avant Garde, the East Main Street Branford Lounge, the holistic wellness center and boutique that caters to body, mind and soul. spirit, according to his website.

Owner Ron Smith said he had selected groups that “followed a spiritual path” as a way for festival goers to “connect to their divine selves, to their divine truth.”

This includes Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon, whose “powerfully expressive voice is frequently compared to that of folk icons Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco,” according to her. website. Moon, who studied with jazz legend Bobby McFerrin, uses crystal singing bowls, chimes and other “vibratory instruments” to effect healing and transformation.

Next is Satya-Franche Ma Kirtan, a “New York ensemble of spiritually minded musicians” who have distinguished themselves with “call-and-response song as a powerful form of meditation to calm the mind and open the heart ”, according to his website.

Satya-Franche, a French Canadian, uses her training at Berklee College of Music and in kirtan, the practice of chanting the mantras of the gods in bhakti yoga, to help make the world more loving and tolerant.

The festival will also feature vegan food from the award-winning G Zen restaurant, psychic readings and henna tattoos, as well as a host of vendors selling jewelry, candles and wellness products.

“We take up Bob Marley’s vision with one love to recognize that we are all one, and the Beatles’ vision with their message of giving peace a chance,” said Smith.

The “Give Peace a Chance” festival will be held Sunday August 15 from 10 am to 5 pm at Avant Garde, 328 E. Main St., Branford. For more information, visit avantgardect.com or call 203-481-8443.

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