AZ Big Media Arizona is the #4 most gym-obsessed state

The study found that New Jersey ranks as the most gym-obsessed US state. With a total score of 672, New Jersey topped the list by a landslide, as its population has the second-highest level of searches for “gym” and the sixth-highest number of searches for gym. expression “yoga near me”. Additionally, New Jersey is the most interested state in Pilates workout exercise, having the most searches for the term “Pilates Near Me” in the country.

California is the second most gym-obsessed state in the country. The West Coast state has the second-highest proportion of its population searching for the term “gym membership” and the third-highest search for “Pilates near me,” putting it second in the ranking. Additionally, California residents search for the phrase “gym near me” in third place in the country, giving the state a total score of 641.

Hawaii ranks as the third most gym-obsessed state in the country, with a total score of 639. Hawaii has the highest level of searches for the word “gym” and the term “gym membership” in the country, in more to have the most interest in “bodybuilding”. Despite this, Hawaii has a low level of searches for other analyzed search terms, such as “home gym” and “Pilates near me”, thus ranking third.

In contrast, South Dakota ranks as the least gym-obsessed state in the nation, with the lowest total score of 383. The state has the lowest search levels for the phrase “gym near me” and the second lowest number of searches for ‘Pilates near me’. Despite this, state residents search for the term “home gym” the third most in the country, indicating South Dakota’s population may prefer working out at home rather than a shared gym.

North Dakota is the second least gym-obsessed state. Along with Wisconsin and Ohio, North Dakota has the lowest search levels for the term “gym workout.” The Upper Midwest state is also the least interested in Pilates in the country, with the fewest searches for the phrase “Pilates near me” and a total score of 384.

The study found that West Virginia is the third least gym-obsessed state in the nation. The state has the second-lowest search level for “gym near me” and the fourth-lowest for the term “yoga near me,” giving West Virginia a total score of 397.

A spokesperson for Volt Fitness commented on the study: “According to the CDC, only 53% of adults meet physical activity guidelines for aerobic physical activity. This study may provide an indication of which parts of the country are the most physically active and most interested in gym culture, with New Jersey residents winning the crown.

This research was conducted by Volt Fitnessa comprehensive online resource dedicated to strength sports, from healthy eating to exercise and everything in between.

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