Baby-friendly fitness classes around Philadelphia

Here you can take your baby for yoga, Pilates, trunk repair and more.

Check out these local baby-friendly fitness classes including the Fit4Mom stroller stride. / Photo courtesy of Fit4Mom.

If you are a parent (especially a newborn or toddler), you will likely find that you are missing out on time for exercise a bit more. Fortunately, Philly has a number of fitness classes that you can take your baby to. Check out these fitness classes around Philadelphia. Here you can practice yoga, Pilates, muscle building and more.

Well born

to classify: Mom & Me Fitness

At the heart of Born Well products is teaching mothers how to exercise with their babies. The fitness classes are a unique combination of yoga, Pilates, barre and boot camp from founder and mother Jennifer Hunt. Currently, they offer face-to-face, outdoor sessions and virtual lessons. Bonus: Within a 30-minute drive of Wallingford, you can choose where to train outdoors.


to classify: Strolling stroller

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, this hour-long workout will give you a complete physical conditioning. Think about strength training, aerobic exercise, and core recovery. And as the name suggests, your baby is with you every step of the way. Stroller stride classes are currently held behind the School Kill River Trail and the Azalea Garden Museum.

Living fitness

to classify: Baby and toddler bubbles

Ready to take the plunge and start teaching your baby to swim? Baby & Toddler Bubbles aims to make children 5 months to 3 years comfortable in the water and have independent swimming guided by moms and dads. 1425 Arch Street, Level B, Downtown When South Philadelphia 714 Reed Street

Mom’s well-being seal

to classify: Baby and me; Yoga for children

Mom’s Wellness Joint currently offers three classes suitable for babies. Their Baby & Me gentle yoga class is perfect for new parents and kids over 6 weeks old who haven’t learned to crawl yet. In Kids Yoga, yogis aged 2 to 5 practice “playful forms of yoga” and breathing exercises in 30 minutes. Mom Movin, meanwhile, is a 60-minute class for crawlers up to the age of four. (Parents are welcome to attend these sessions!) All classes are held outdoors in Old Kensington Private Gardens. 1503 North Phillips Street, Old Kensington

Philly Dance Fitness

to classify: Mom and Baby Yogalates

This class combines yoga, Pilates and baby cuddles to focus on the muscles most affected by carrying and breastfeeding your baby, such as your back, shoulders, and chest. During class, your baby will be hugged during some exercises and will rest on or near the mat during other exercises. The group session will resume in September, during which a group of at least three other parents will be brought together. Email Philadelphia Dance Fitness Schedule a session.

Y2B adjustment

to classify: BYO Baby Barre

This postnatal ballet class aims to rebuild the muscles most affected by pregnancy and childbirth, mainly the trunk and pelvic floor. During the lessons, the child must be a pre-crawler, because he “carries” the baby in the front baby carrier. Currently, Y2B Fit is available every two months, and Library on demand You can enjoy it anytime!

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