Bats removed from Naples Family Fitness, Collier DOH wants to hear from the people they’ve touched


Naples Family Fitness is bat-free following the removal of a bat family living in the gym. The Collier County Department of Health now wants to hear from anyone who has come in contact with them.

A gym worker said the bats were cleaned up about three days ago.

“They had a whole family. There are probably eight to ten flying at the same time. Yes, I felt like I was at the zoo, ”said Dain Odegaard, who came into contact with bats.

The fitness center is now clear of nocturnal creatures.

RJ Paquette, personal trainer at Naples Family Fitness, said: “It has been about two and a half, three days now since we have had any bats in the club that we have been able to see.”

Bats didn’t stop people from training, however. “It didn’t really bother me,” Odegaard said.

If you’ve come into contact with bats, the Collier County Department of Health wants to hear from you to make sure you haven’t caught anything, such as rabies, from the animals.

“If you have handled the bat, or if you have potentially been bitten or scratched by a bat, you should contact the health department immediately,” said Kristine Hollingsworth of the Collier County Department of Health.

The health department will investigate if you tell them you have been in contact with bats.

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