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Which golf club grips are the best?

Golf is both fun and challenging. The finer nuances of your golf swing can make a big difference in your score. The same goes for your golf equipment: shoes, gloves, balls and clubs.

One of the most important components of your golf clubs is the grip that wraps around each club shaft to help you hold it securely in place. Choosing the right one can enhance your golf experience. For their remarkable softness and fashionable design, the most recommended golf grips are the Winn Dritac AVS Mid Size Grips.

What to know before buying golf club grips

The right golf club grip provides control

New grips allow maximum control of the golf club. Your hands shouldn’t slide down the shaft as you swing, and they shouldn’t come off the handle after impacting the ball. It can make the difference between a good shot and a bad shot as well as a safe and dangerous shot.

The right golf club grip can increase swing speed

As golf grips wear down, the golfer tends to grip the clubs harder to keep them from moving around in their hands. However, increased pressure in the hands causes the shoulders and forearms to tighten, which leads to a decrease in swing speed. A light, tension-free swing is faster and will lead to greater distance.

The Right Golf Club Grip Can Solve Swing Problems

If you have trouble slicing or snagging the golf ball, you can use different techniques with your overall grip to eliminate these issues. The right golf grips allow you to position your hands correctly and apply the right amount of tension to counteract your previous swing faults.

What to Look for in Quality Golf Club Grips


Most golf club grips are between 0.56 and 0.72 inches in diameter. Junior grips are even smaller. Undersized grips measure 0.56 to 0.57 inches, while standard grips measure 0.58 to 0.60 inches. Medium handles are 0.64 to 0.66 inches and oversized handles are 0.70 to 0.72 inches. Most golf clubs come with standard grips. However, depending on the size of your hands or if you want to limit your wrist movement, you may prefer smaller or larger grips than the norm.


Many golf club grips incorporate some form of rubber due to its grip and ability to withstand all weather conditions. Full rubber grips are the cheapest, but also tend to wear out faster. Synthetic materials are more flexible than rubber but are less resistant in wet weather. Leather grips look and feel good, but they’re expensive, less durable, and hard to hold on when it’s raining. Hybrid golf grips are growing in popularity as they combine rubber and synthetic materials to give additional moisture wicking properties.

Grip tape

Many golf club grips come with tape. You can add layers of tape to slightly increase the overall width of the handle. One layer of tape typically adds 0.01 to 0.02 inches.

How much you can expect to spend on golf club grips

The most affordable grips are mostly rubber and cost between $4 and $10 per grip, or $40 to $120 for a standard set of clubs. Synthetic and leather grips cost $10 to $30 each for a total of $120 to $360. Some people choose to use duct tape to re-grip their own clubs at a cost of $5-$10 per roll.

Golf Club Grips FAQ

How do you know when it’s time to buy new grips?

A. The golf club will feel looser in your hands as the grip wears. Its stickiness will begin to diminish over time. Additionally, you may see cracks in the handle or discolored areas where the color has worn off from continued use.

How do I know what size golf club grip I need?

A. The key to finding the right golf club grip size is your golf glove size. People with small and medium-sized golf gloves generally use standard grips, while golfers with large and extra-large gloves should consider medium or oversized grips. Young golfers or people with small hands should consider undersized or junior grips.

How long do golf club grips typically last?

A. On average, golf grips last 30-40 full rounds of golf. For active golfers, it’s usually one season. Golfers who play less often can play with the same grips for several years.

What are the best golf club grips to buy?

Best Golf Club Grips

Winn Dritac AVS Mid Size Grips

What do you want to know: These golf club grips provide extra softness and are ideal for people with large hands or a slow golf swing.

What you will love: The polymer material is great for an equally comfortable non-slip feel. The extra padding provides shock absorption. There is variable texture in key pressure points to improve overall grip.

What you should consider: The grips are not as sticky when the weather is very hot or rainy.

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Best Golf Club Grips for the Money

SAPLIZE Rubber Golf Club Grips

SAPLIZE Rubber Golf Club Grips

What do you want to know: Affordably priced, these all-rubber grips come in a complete set available in six vibrant colors.

What you will love: The kit comes with 13 handles and tape. The top handle is embedded with velor cotton thread to ensure a non-slip hold. The bottom handle is made from a soft rubber that provides greater comfort. The grips are designed to work well in wet weather.

What you should consider: These grips are not as soft as other models and are not designed to last long.

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Worth checking out

Lamkin Crossline Grip

Lamkin Crossline Grip

What do you want to know: These grips can be tailored to any golfer with a unique design that comes in multiple colors and sizes.

What you will love: The grip pattern is densely spaced to promote lighter tension while providing excellent lateral traction. Proprietary rubber compound adds extra grip and reduces grip stress.

What you should consider: These grips do not come with additional tape.

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