Best of Grand Pittston: A New Company to Help You Stay Fit

PITTSTON – And the award for Best New Business goes to… MFIT Studio.

“It’s so exciting to win this award, opening my new business and experiencing this adventure in the fitness industry is something I’ve always loved to do,” said Michaelene Mecadon, Founder of MFIT Studio.

Her passion for fitness began when she was just 15, starting as a fitness instructor at the YMCA.

At the age of 16, her father drove her to Philadelphia to become a certified Zumba instructor and she worked at the YMCA until she opened her own business, MFIT.

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She had always been a dancer, so combining dance and fitness was a great passion for her.

His Zumba fitness certifications include; Strength, Strong, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Zumba Kids fitness. The MFIT studio offers 22 lessons per week with all different styles; Dance Fitness, Strength, HIIT, Yoga Classes and Rumble. There are different levels for these classes, each class also has modifications available.

“The goal is to have something for everyone,” explains Mecadon.

The support staff at studio MFIT are here to help you achieve your goal, whatever it is – to lose weight, gain muscle, bend over or maintain your health. Staff members include Founder Mecadon, Jenna Strzelecki, Kayla Wolthoff, Alicia Duque, Katelyn Pugliese, Danielle Gliniecki, Lori Baumes. They encourage all new members to come and try a course.

Members do not need any previous experience, the goal of MFIT is to have something that suits the fitness style and individual needs. New members are encouraged to send a direct message through the MFIT Facebook page or Instagram page for more information.

The first class is free, subscriptions and packages are available. Mecadon wants people to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and stay healthy by joining the supportive family of studio MFIT.

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