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What is the best shower spray?

If you love taking showers but still love bath bombs, you’ll find shower steamers incredibly useful. A shower spray releases essential oils when it comes in contact with water, giving a pleasant aromatherapeutic fizz.

There are several practical and aesthetically pleasing shower steamers to consider. Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers is an excellent choice for a vegan and cruelty-free shower steamer.

What to know before buying a shower spray

What are shower vapors

Most shower sprays are made with baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils, making it a bath bomb for the shower. Certain combinations of ingredients can be used to energize a morning shower or help you relax at bedtime. Shower steamers are also used to relieve minor aches and soothe sore muscles.

Gift baskets and home spa kits often include shower sprays. For more information on spa gift baskets and shower steamers, check out the BestReviews buying guide.

How to use shower sprays

Shower vapors dissolve in the shower on contact with water. They usually last five to ten minutes once wet. Most manufacturers recommend placing the shower sprayer at the end of the tub so that the water comes in contact but does not hit the shower sprayer shelf directly. A shower spray will dissolve too quickly if placed directly under the stream of water.

Clean the bathtub after using a shower spray

Beware, shower steamers provide the perfect environment for mold growth due to the high humidity associated with the steaming process. Ideally, a shower spray would be used on a shower mat that can be wiped down after use. If a shower mat is not used, wipe down the tub with disinfectant after your shower.

What to Look for in a Quality Shower Spray

Advantages of the shower spray

Shower sprays are formulated for specific hydrotherapy and aromatherapy benefits.

Respiratory benefits

The warm mist that forms when water hits a shower spray can have beneficial effects on breathing. You may feel your nasal passages open up and breathe better afterwards, and the warm mist may also promote sinus drainage and temporarily relieve respiratory symptoms.

Physical benefits

Shower steamers may have the ability to relax stiff muscles and increase blood circulation. Users report increased muscle flexibility in tired and overworked muscles after using shower sprays.

Benefits of skin care

There are a variety of skincare benefits associated with shower steamers. They can help open hair follicles, making it easier to wax or shave. They can also open pores, which can help skin appear more hydrated and glowing.

Shower steamers with essential oils

Essential oils are used in steam showers for aromatherapy. Menthol crystals enhance the scent of essential oils and help amplify the aroma.

The aromatherapy benefits of a steam shower formula will likely be listed in the product details, but you can also consult an aromatherapy guide to decide which formula is right for your needs. For example, if you want a relaxing vapor, a blend of lavender essential oils will have calming and de-stressing properties.


Steam shower sets are a great option for a variety of gift giving occasions. Individually wrapped shower steamers are ideal in a spa gift basket as they will hold their shape better and allow for multiple steams. Also consider other products that complement the steam shower experience, such as shower gels, lotions, and loofah sponges, in your gift set.

How much you can expect to spend on shower steamers

An individual shower spray typically costs around $3, while a set of shower sprays can cost up to $40 depending on the quantity and quality of ingredients.

Shower Steamer FAQs

Do shower sprays require excess water?

A. Shower sprays can encourage you to stay underwater longer, but they don’t necessarily need more water to work. They typically use less than two gallons of water throughout a 20 minute steam bath.

Are there any other benefits to shower steamers?

A. Shower sprays are a great tool for removing wrinkles from clothes. Hang clothes that need steaming in the bathroom while you’re using a shower spray, and the steam will smooth the fabric. Essential oils can also attach attractive scents to your clothes.

What is the best shower spray to buy?

Superior shower steamer

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

What do you want to know: This vegan and cruelty-free shower steamer set contains six different flavors.

What you will love: Includes a bonus ebook on aromatherapy techniques and uses.

What you should consider: Essential oils can stain fabrics and furniture if they leak from the packaging.

Or buy: Amazon

Best shower spray for the money

BodyRestore Shower Steamers

BodyRestore Shower Steamers

What do you want to know: A pack of twelve steam tablets for the shower with scents of grapefruit, citrus fruits and cocoa orange.

What you will love: The individual foil wrap is designed to prevent odor dissipation and ensures a longer shelf life.

What you should consider: Strong aromatherapy scents fade quickly after being activated by water.

Or buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Makady Aromatherapy Steam Shower

Makady Aromatherapy Steam Shower

What do you want to know: There are 12 shower sprays included, each individually wrapped and two of each scent.

What you will love: Incredibly powerful aromatherapy scents that are formulated to make the whole bathroom smell great.

What you should consider: The six different scents are not labeled, so they can only be identified by sniffing.

Or buy: Amazon

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