Castle Morihisa set for release in early 2022


Thermite Games and developer Smokingbear Studio have revealed they will aim to release Morihisa Castle in early 2022. For those of you who haven’t been able to verify this one, this is a roguelike tactical deckbuilder title set in dark fantasy feudal Japan. The developers have currently set up a free demo on Steam, which you can check out at the link above. The game will also be released on Nintendo Switch at the same time as PC.

Credit: Thermite Games

Following a military decree from the shogunate, Castle Morihisa fell silent. Rumors say that the lord of the castle wanted to usurp the throne. As unrest grips the country, Metsuke YagyÅ« Munenori enlists a trusted spy to investigate and report to the shogunate. Trek to the Grim Castle as one of four different classes: Monk, Samurai, Onmyoji, and Ninja, each with their own set of cards. Master the monk’s meditation and mantra systems to stun enemies and channel karma to strengthen armor. Take down enemies with the Samurai’s Katana, using Sakura and Retaliation for massive damage. Summon Shikigami Spirits and Leech Life with Onmyoji Blood Magic. Hunt down your prey as a Ninja and unleash the skills of Mantra Sign, Kunai, and Shuriken in devastating combos.

Build a deck from over 300 cards and fight enemies inspired by Japanese folklore. Spend action points to deal damage or add armor to dampen incoming attacks. Cook up card combos to turn the tide of increasingly grueling battles. Overcome overwhelming obstacles to earn talent points to unlock game-changing passive abilities and provide an array of viable versions to experience across multiple races.

Spend hard-earned coins at the Card Store to craft the perfect deck as you get closer and closer to Morihisa Castle. Meet random events, minibosses, and more on a world map inspired by classic Ukiyo-e art. Communicate with legendary fallen warriors, harnessing their wits for limited and multi-purpose powers. Strive to reach Morihisa Castle, but don’t be afraid of failure. Each new race offers randomly generated encounters for an experience that is always unpredictable.

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