Chanting these 10 Maa Mahalaxmi mantras will make you malamala

Today is Friday and on this day Mother Mahalaxmi is worshiped. In this case, today we are going to tell you the mantras of Mother Mahalaxmi, whose chanting can do you good and remove all suffering from your life.

Mantras of Mother Mahalaxmi-

1. Om Sri Hreen Kleen Shri Siddha Lakshya Namah: – This mantra must be chanted 108 times.

2. Dhanay Namo Namah: – This mantra must be chanted 11 times.

3. Om Laxmi Namah: If this mantra is chanted, lakshmi maa is always in the person’s house.

4. Om Hirin Shri Laxmi Vasudevaya Namah: – Sing this mantra before you do any auspicious work.

5. Lakshmi Narayan Namah: to sing this mantra maintains happiness and prosperity in the life of the couple.

6. Padmane Padma Padmakshmi Padma Sambhava Tanme Bhajsi Padmakshi Yen Soukhyan Labhamham – This mantra must be chanted 108 times.

7. Om Sri Hreen Kleen Shri Siddha Lakshya Namah: Chanting this mantra makes the person successful.

8. Om Dhanay Namah: Chanting this mantra brings wealth.

9. Om Hirin Shri Kreen Kleen Shri Laxmi Mam Grihe Dhan Puraye, Dhan Puraye, worries Doorye Swaha: – Sing this mantra to get rid of your debt.

ten. Sing this mantra for success in any task.

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