Clint Eastwood’s health: the actor’s anti-aging tips to live longer

Eastwood never wanted to “quit” life earlier. In a retrospective interview with GQ before he turned 80, he said, “I’m not one of those guys who wants to leave early. But when you leave is when you’re supposed to leave. You know, I take care of myself. The star has remained active even into her 90s. His latest film, Cry Macho – which he directed and acted in, was released in 2021.

One of the things that made the actor take care of himself was tragedy.

Eastwood lost his father at 63 to a fatal heart attack, which he admitted to Closer magazine “hit like a ton of bricks”. After this incident, he focused on good health.

In the GQ interview, the star suggested there was nothing special about his diet, but stressed he was careful about what he ate. He also credited good genetics for helping him avoid weight gain.

“The only thing special about it [the diet] am I just trying to watch saturated fat intake. I was lucky to have a reasonable system that never put on a lot of weight, so I always took advantage of it,” he said.

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“I always thought beer and a few other things were about as good as I wanted to get…

He has also never been shy about taking alternative approaches to his health, embracing the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Transcendental meditation is a quiet meditation where you focus on the breath for 10-20 minutes while listening to a mantra sound.

It has been widely used by celebrities such as Ted Danson and Katy Perry.

Of his practice, Eastwood told GQ, “I view entire footage in the morning, before I go. I believe in any personal help you can give yourself, whether you believe in Buddha or otherwise. Before, I was much more agnostic. I’m not really an organized religion person. But I am now much more tolerant of people who are religious because I can see why they have come to this. I can sympathize.

Meditation can help reduce stress levels by creating a state of relaxation. This helps eliminate negative thoughts that invade your mind and could cause stress.

Stress itself is linked to cardiovascular problems. It is known to increase your heart rate and cause high blood pressure.

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