Coronado Community Center Fall Adult Fitness Class | News from the city of Coronado

The Coronado Community Center is offering new fitness classes for adults starting September 7. This is an opportunity to try enjoyable classes that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why not add Mat Pilates, Vinyasa Flow Yoga or Cardio Hip-Hop to your routine?

In our Mat Pilates class, you will perform movements like planks, side planks, and core exercises to build core muscle and strength. Your instructor will suggest that you use bands, exercise balls, and sometimes even small weights to help improve your Pilates experience. Come to class on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11 am to tone your whole body.

A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class will be available on Mondays or Tuesdays at noon. Expect to become more flexible, gain more body strength, and feel an overall improvement in your fitness. This program emphasizes sequential movement from one posture to another, which is fluid when you practice specialized breathing techniques.

For an aerobic workout, try Cardio Hip-Hop at 10 a.m. on Tuesday or Thursday. These classes combine a variety of choreographed dance moves so fun they make you forget you’re even practicing.

Want to try them out before signing up? Free trial classes are offered on Thursdays August 26 and September 2 for Cardio Hip Hop at 10 a.m. and Mat Pilates at 11 a.m. (although advance registration is not required for trial classes. , the seats are limited.)

Monthly registration begins August 3 online for Coronado residents and August 10 for everyone online, by phone and in person. To register for one of the September courses or for more information, visit or call 619-522-7342.

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