Dahl Hosts 3-Day 2nd Pisa Lisa Opening Party in Oak Creek Village | The Independent Green

VOC – Dahl Restaurant Group, led by award-winning chef-owner Lisa Dahl, will host the first Mystical Pizza Festival to celebrate the opening of its second restaurant Pisa Lisa in the Village of Oak Creek.

The three-day festival will run from Friday September 16 to Sunday September 18.

Mystical Pizza Fest kicks off Friday night with a flying saucer unveiling, a drumming ceremony led by Sabrina Sandoval, surprises from traveling magician and Yo-Yo master Michael Steele, a pizza dough ribbon cutting ceremony with guests esteemed guests, including Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau President and CEO Michelle Conway, and a special blessing from Havasupai Medicine Man Uqualla on Mugnaini mosaic-covered pizza ovens to honor the hospitality community as a whole.

The weekend carnival will feature a variety of attractions, including the Orgone Knights crystal healing pyramids; sound therapy, chair massages and red light therapy from Gigi Rock at the Sedona Infinity Spa & Wellness Center; the imaginative creations of silhouette artist Kevin Overhulser; and future readings via astrologer Valentina Leyshyk, Madame V.

The furry family members relish tasting dog meatballs and are invited to relax under the tender touch of Lori Lane of Raven’s Call Healing Center, who will provide pets with reiki, animal massages and sound healing.

“Our Mystical Pizza Party gives me the chance to share my passion for pizza, my family, my friends and my beloved home of Sedona, while channeling energy to spread goodwill to all of us. hospitality industry beyond the Red Rocks,” Dahl said. “Our vision is to launch our new Pisa Lisa restaurant with an event that our entire community can enjoy. The weekend activities will feature some of our region’s most talented healers and performers – it will be a blast. If ever there was a perfect explosion in Sedona, this would be it. We could make it an annual event.

The first Pisa Lisa location opened in West Sedona in 2013.

Pisa Lisa Village of Oak Creek is at 6657 SR 179, Suite D1. The restaurant offers 110 seats, including an outdoor terrace, two artisanal-style communal butcher tables and an elevated bar. When designing the space, Dahl designated an 8-foot vintage chandelier, outfitted with hand-blown glass and LED lights crafted by sculptor Dale Evers, as the focal point.

Mystical Pizza Fest takes place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and is free.

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