Delhi High Court denies bail of astrologer who allegedly stabbed woman for attempting “human sacrifice”, inappropriately touching her

The Delhi High Court denied bail to an astrologer, accused of inappropriately touching a woman, who was also his client, and then stabbing her with a knife allegedly under the pretext of performing a “Human sacrifice” during a puja.

Judge Yogesh Khanna rejected the man’s bail request after the prosecutor alleged that he cheated on her for a sum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs to improve her mother’s health and also to solve her personal problems.

According to the prosecutor, the astrologer has harassed her for a year and a half and on May 4, 2018, he took her to a hotel in Delhi where he was informed by him that a Pooja would be performed for about three hours and half.

This was the case with the prosecutor whom the accused astrologer kept chanting mantras for about two hours and after giving a break, asked the prosecutor to sit on the bed, after which she was inappropriately touched by him. She also alleged that he stabbed her in the neck.

The prosecutor was subsequently stabbed by him with a knife after he tried to escape from the hotel room.

It was thus argued by the Additional Public Prosecutor MS Oberoi that the accused was probably attempting to perform a human sacrifice, during which the prosecutor suffered a total of seven injuries, three of which were to the neck.

Finding that the cross-examination of the prosecutor had not yet taken place, the court refused the release on bail to the accused.

“No grounds for bail are given at this stage. The application is dismissed. The pending application (s), if any, are also closed,” said the court.

However, the accused was free to make a request after the cross-examination of the witness was completed.


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