Denver CO CoolSculpting Belly Tone FDA Approved Non-Surgical Treatments Launched

Body Massage Wellness Spa (303-893-2543), a specialty medical spa based in Denver, Colorado, has launched CoolSculpting treatments to help patients who want to tone the tummy area.

Their expansion into CoolSculpting promises patients marked visual results in the belly region, and is accompanied by the launch of an online information center on cutting-edge treatment.

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Their CoolSculpting launch coincides with the growing popularity of the treatment, which, according to a recent New York Times article, has become a defining market trend.

Following its approval by the FDA for the removal of fat from the flanks, and more recently from the belly, many doctors and clinicians have confirmed that it gives consistent and pronounced results in reducing fat in these areas.

As such, Body Massage Wellness Spa is delighted to bring information about this revolutionary body toning system to its patients.

CoolSculpting works using what is scientifically known as cryolipolysis, essentially, the freezing of fat cells. Once the fat cells are frozen, the liver naturally eliminates these dead cells in the days and weeks following treatment.

While many women can find themselves at a healthy body weight, a recent report from Psychology Today found that an overwhelming 89% were still unhappy with their bodies, and that was in large part due to the stubborn weight. worn on the abdomen.

Body Massage Wellness Spa understands that even when women lead an active lifestyle and eat a balanced diet, they can still have extra weight in the tummy area. This is usually due to several factors including genetics, stress, and childbirth.

The clinic believes that CoolSculpting is a painless, non-surgical, low-intervention intervention to help patients achieve a more toned stomach.

Body Massage Wellness Spa is a premier medi-spa in the Denver area that prides itself on being an information hub for new and curious patients.

In addition to their CoolSculpting treatments, they continue to offer patients their full range of services, including laser skin treatments and hair removal, cosmetic injections including Botox (R) and facials and massages. specialized.

A company spokesperson said, “If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to get rid of stubborn belly fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, Body Massage Wellness Med Spa has the perfect solution. We offer CoolSculpting for belly fat reduction which is painless, non-invasive, and straightforward.

Their full CoolSculpting information center for new patients is available at

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