Despite New Law, Illegal Activities Continue to Highlight Colorado Springs Massage Businesses

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo, (KRDO) – 13 Investigations uncovered reports that illicit spas are still doing business in Colorado Springs despite new laws aimed at shutting them down.

Over three years ago, 13 Investigations began investigating more than 39 massage businesses that police believe were selling sex.

Since that report, it has become illegal for some massage businesses to operate in the city of Colorado Springs without a massage business license as of September 2022.

The councilman who passed the law said so far six massage businesses have been cited for operating without a license.

In addition, 13 Investigations found that sexual reviews had been posted online for several massage businesses in Colorado Springs this month. A majority of them were approved for massage business licenses after a police background check.

Ichiban Spa on Iowa Avenue, Victory Spa on the 6400 block of N Academy Boulevard, and Bamboo Spa on the 900 block of N Murray Road all have commercial massage licenses with the City of Colorado Springs. However, sexual reviews have been posted on the Rubmaps website over the past month for each of these companies.

“We were going to have to close these places. That’s what I thought was going to happen,” Colorado Springs city councilman Dave Donelson told 13 Investigates. “We always knew that people could lie or people could sneak through the system. The purpose of this order was to reduce the workload on our police department.”

Donelson says police have cited six massage businesses since the order took effect Sept. 1. The councilor thinks more can be done.

“You walk in and ask for the license. We haven’t done that yet,” Donelson said. “We didn’t walk into all those places and ask to see the license.”

Donelson says staffing shortages, priority crimes and recent leadership changes with Colorado Springs police are the main reasons spas are taking longer to close.

13 Investigates is waiting for the Colorado Springs Police Department to answer questions about the enforcement of this new law.

“If they didn’t have other priorities and we didn’t have a fentanyl crisis, if worries weren’t stolen left and right, and if people weren’t shooting at each other every night . A few days.”

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