Does chanting mantras light the fire? No, the viral video is misleading!

Video of a man chanting mantras as the fire is lit has gone viral on social media. The video shows the man adding several items to a fireplace used in religious ceremonies, leading to a fire that apparently ignites on its own.

The video recently went viral on social media with the following claim: “हिंदू धर्म में ब्राह्मण है जो मंत्रो द्वारा अग्नि प्रकट कर सकते है”

[English Translation: Even today, there are Brahmins in Hinduism who can manifest fire through mantras.]

[English Translation: “Unbelievable! Even today, there are Brahmins in Hinduism who can manifest fire through mantras. Watch this revolutionary video once, listen and understand each and everything carefully.”]

The video also went viral on YouTube with similar claims.


Viral videos claim the priest started the fire by chanting his mantras.

Checking the facts:

We inspected the video through InVid’s Keyframe Analysis Tool, following which we performed a reverse image search on Google. We came across this Sanskar TV video from January 16, 2021.

The title of the video reads:

“मंत्रो गई अग्नि प्रकट … तेजी वायरल हो रहा है ये विडियो – मंत्रो से जालाई अग्नि”

[English Translation: “Mantras create fire… This video is becoming increasingly viral – Fire created by mantras]

We found the following video with the caption: “भक्तामर स्त्तोत्र मंत्रों द्वारा दिगम्बर जैन मंदिर में अग्नि प्रगट की गयी Jai Jinendra” [English Translation: “Fire was ignited in Digambar Jain temple after the chanting of Bhaktamara stotra mantras”]

The title of this video suggests that the video was shot at a Digambar Jain temple in Rajasthan, but we could not independently find any reports from this region confirming where and when it was shot.

These uploads indicate that the video is not recent and dates back to early this year, particularly January 14, 2021 or even earlier. However, Logical Indian was unable to independently verify where and when the video was shot.

The science behind ignition:

After a keyword search we came across this chemistry procedure report by the Washington University. The report documents an experiment between a puddle of glycerol and a pile of potassium permanganate in a porcelain cup.

Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent. Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a simple polyol compound, a kind of alcohol. The chemical reaction between these two reagents leads to a large quantity of smoke followed by a fire which emerges from the mixture.

The University of Washington experiment documents that, “After about 30 seconds, the reaction bursts into a purple flame.” The experiment also suggested that the reaction can be delayed if the size of the potassium permanganate crystals is large.

This video shows the reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerin.

The following video also explains how the reaction between glycerin and potassium permanganate leads to the spread of superstitions after divine men misuse it. The video shows how putting glycerin in a container with potassium permanganate causes a fire to start after a few seconds.

The Logical Indian spoke to Dr Narendra Nayak, a rationalist debunker and god from Mangalore, Karnataka. He is the current president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations and founded the Dakshina Kannada Rationalist Association.

The following video explains how the god-men use the chemical reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerin to spread superstitious beliefs. The title of the video reads: “वेद मंत्रों की शक्ति से हवन कुंड में आग लग सकता? The reality of ved mantra” [English Translation: Can the power of Veda mantras set fire in the fire pit? The reality of Ved mantra]. As he explains in the video, “Fire is actually started by a chemical reaction, and then it is claimed that fire is created by the power of mantras. It’s wrong; there is no miracle in this; it’s just a chemical reaction that is used to deceive and deceive people.“The experience of this video is similar to the reaction seen in the viral video.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Dr Narendra Nayak said: “This is a simple chemical reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerin”. After reviewing the viral video, he said: “Man puts glycerin on potassium permanganate in the fireplace. Of course, this is just a chemical reaction and is meant to spread superstitions. “

He also sent a video statement explaining how the chemical reaction is carried out.


Thus, it can be said that the claim in social media posts that the priest started the fire with the power of his mantras is misleading. The fire is most likely the result of the chemical reaction between glycerin and potassium permanganate, and the viral post is intended to spread blind beliefs and superstitions on social media.

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