Dogs and Cats Experience a Spa at Archie Pet Care in Fall River

FALL RIVER – We’re in the midst of the sweltering days of summer, and our pups have been having it “ruff” lately, especially with this heat.

Give your four-legged friends a little extra pampering by heading to the Archie Pet Care Spa, a recent addition to the city’s south side.

The boutique at 1795 S. Main St. offers a “new concept in pet care” for animal lovers and pet parents in the Fall River area, offering basic grooming needs and beyond, according to owner Tauane Alves.

The business, located next to an antique store and a stone’s throw from the Mee Sum restaurant, has been all the rage since opening its doors at the end of April.

A scroll through Archie’s Instagram page shows a pack of happy pooches and felines — freshly bathed, cut, pumped up and decked out in bright bows and bandanas — posing for post-spa selfies in the boutique-style space.

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The motto on Archie’s website, “Home is where the dog is,” aligns with Alves’ overall goal – to make his shop feel like a second home for local four-legged residents.

“They (customers) like the way we treat their dogs like ours,” said Alves, 27, a Middleboro resident from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After moving to the United States in 2018 – living with his family in Leominster before settling in Middleboro – Alves finally decided to pursue a career as a pet groomer. She has received training from the International Association of Professions Career College as well as certifications, and now has three years of grooming experience under her belt.

Alves worked in the basement of his home for a while, honing his grooming skills and cultivating a clientele before deciding to open his own space.

“It’s always been my dream to work for my dreams and not for other people’s dreams,” said Alves, who is mom to a French bulldog named Stormy. “I’ve always loved pets, and I was sure it couldn’t go wrong if I had the planning and the responsibility.”

She began renting the Fall River space from Archie in the fall of 2021 and, with the help of family and friends, has since revamped it inside and out.

The display case features a colorful painting of soapy canines, and often real canines welcoming customers at the window, and the interior includes a wall of clothes, accessories and toys for dogs and cats, a reception desk and a separate grooming.

What sets his place apart from other groomers in the area, Alves said, is that it’s not just about your pet care experience.

Groomer Ariana Garavatti with a client at Archie Pet Care Spa on South Main Street in Fall River.

Over the past few months, Archie Pet Care Spa has become a go-to for grooming, bathing, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning. But they also offer your pets extra care, with unique services such as pet massages, moisturizing masks, hair coloring and hair restoration.

“We are different because we love what we do,” Alves said. “(The pets) get a relaxing bath with top quality products, massage and affection. They can also play with their friends. It really is a fun day.”

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And, unlike other places, your pets “don’t spend all day locked in a cage,” Alves said. Archie is by appointment only, so there are rarely more than three pets on site at the same time.

Do you have transportation problems? No problem. Archie also offers what they call Uber Dog.

“When my clients need them, I pick up the dogs or drop them off after service,” said Alves, whose clients include not only dogs and cats, but also ferrets and rabbits.

A customer after grooming at Archie Pet Care Spa on South Main Street in Fall River.

A bakery full of pet treats and a treadmill ride for weight loss and muscle building are also in the works for the future.

While Alves admits “it’s been a challenge” starting her own business, she’s already seeing her efforts pay off, with both new and familiar hairy faces walking through her doors every day.

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“Business has been good, I didn’t expect it,” said Alves, whose clientele includes several regulars. “We have a lot of customers…we’re getting busy.”

Customers hang out in the cozy waiting room at the Archie Pet Care Spa on South Main Street in Fall River.

Alves, whose team includes two other groomers, said she has enjoyed watching her business grow and getting to know her four-legged clients, each with their own personalities.

“It’s so much better to work with dogs than with humans,” she joked. “It was great…I’m learning day by day and also teaching my employees.”

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And Alves hopes this is just the start of his journey, with aspiration to one day expand his pet spa.

“Hopefully we’ll grow…and hopefully we’ll open a second store. I’m confident we’ll be fine in the future,” Alves said.

Archie Pet Care Spa at 1795 S. Main St., Fall River.

Archie Pet Care Spa is open Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm

To learn more about Archie’s services or to schedule an appointment for your pet, visit You can also head over to Archie’s Instagram page at to get a glimpse of a few happy customers.

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