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PHOENIX (AP) – Gov. Doug Ducey ousted and replaced the five members of the Arizona State Council for Massage Therapy following a journal article critical of treatment by the Professional Regulatory Committee of complaints about allegations of sexual abuse by therapists.

Ducey’s announcement on Friday did not mention the Arizona Republic’s Sept. 15 investigative report that the board was lax in disciplining therapists accused of abuse, but he said he It was essential that the advice “protect massage clients, especially those in a vulnerable position.”

The announcement also states that Ducey’s appointments implemented legislation enacted in 2020 for the massage board and certain other regulatory groups to have a majority of members of the public once the terms of current members expire.

Members of the public are people who do not work in regulated professions.

Ducey noted that three of the five new members have experience defending and supporting victims. The other two are both registered massage therapists with over 25 years of experience.

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“” The state is committed to implementing policies and best practices that will help ensure the safety of Arizona clients who are massage clients, and will continue to work with industry professionals and members of the spa community in the future, ”said Ducey.

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