Everything you need to know about Maa Skandamata

Although today is the fourth day of Navratri, instead of the fourth form of Nav Durga, who is Goddess Kushmanda, Skandamata – the fifth avatar of Goddess Durga will be worshiped. This is because the Panchami Tithi falls on October 10th. Basically this year the fourth day of Shardiya Navratri will be dedicated to the fifth incarnation of Shakti – Maa Skandamata.

Like many other avatars of Nav Durgas, Maa Skanda is also an embodiment of the Divine Mother, Maa Parvati. And the reason that Maa Parvati is called Skandamata is because she is the mother of Lord Kartikeya, also known as “Skanda”.

Maa Skanda can be seen riding a mighty lion with a multi-headed baby Kartikeya on her lap. The Goddess, who has four hands, adorns a crescent moon on her forehead. The goddess Skanda is also known as “Padmasana” because she is seated on a lotus.

Legend has it that the gods, sages and humans were tired of being tormented by the giant demon Tarakasur. And while other gods failed to fight the demon, Lord Kartikeya was the one who demolished the tyranny of the infamous Asura. And Parvati being the mother of the mighty Kumar Kartikeya, is revered and glorified under the name of “Skandamata”.

It is believed that by worshiping Maa Skanda one can awaken one’s Kundalini, which is a form of divine energy that is said to be located at the base of the spine. To worship Maa Skanda on Panchami Tithi, devotees can offer her flowers, especially hibiscus. It is necessary to meditate to purify the chakras; It is believed that meditating on the Panchami Tithi gives fruitful results.

To chant mantras, you have to sit on a Kush mat. Otherwise, a simple blanket will suffice, but it should be clean. Devotees quickly observe the fifth day of Navratri so that they can be blessed with peace, prosperity and happiness with the divine grace of Goddess Skandamata.

‘Om Devi Skandamatayai Namah’

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Posted on: Sunday October 10, 2021, 7:42 a.m. IST

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