EXCLUSIVE: A Mother’s Diary: Expert Lists Ways Working Moms Can Take Care of Their Mental Health

If your breaks from work are often spent in the kitchen preparing snacks or meals, or if you have to juggle your calls at work and your diaper change sessions, it goes without saying that you are working from home. While it might seem interesting to be able to spend time with your baby all day, it is nothing but a Herculean task. And anyone with a dependent family will agree that working from home is not a blessing, but a disruption.

The same goes for mothers who juggle work and babies and have no time for themselves. For me, time is a myth, work breaks are no longer breaks and, on the contrary, are even harder. All of this and more can certainly take its toll on the mental health of working mothers who are still worried about daily chores and chores.

However, ignoring your sanity is the worst thing you can do. And if you want a happy job and family life, it becomes all the more important to take care of your mind a little more.

Dr Chandni Tugnait, MD (Alternative Medicine), Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Founder-Director, Gateway of Healing, tells you that in the midst of all the emotional upheavals, taking care of mental health is extremely important to ensure that you, as a parent, are more available to your child.

She lists ways that can help working mothers take care of their mental health.

Set a time to take care of yourself

Mothers should spend at least an hour a day (apart from work and household chores) and devote this time to their own care. It is important to stick to the commitment. This will leave them refreshed and recharged, ready to deal with any emotional upheaval that arises during the day. It also helps create boundaries between personal time, allowing you to regain energy before tackling other tasks.

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Creative self-expression

Adopting a creative activity like painting, dancing, singing or writing can help mothers relax after a long day at work / home. It gives them space to express their feelings and emotions, helping them to feel more in control.

Daily exercise

Exercise has many proven benefits for physical and mental health. In fact, exercise has been shown to improve mood, improve focus, and relieve stress. Regular exercise has also been proven to increase energy levels and boost immunity, as it stimulates circulation and stimulates brain activity, which relaxes the mind and reduces stress levels by releasing endorphins. .

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Enjoy a healthy meal

Cooking generally helps reduce stress levels because it gives you something productive to focus on; however, not all working mothers have the time or inclination to prepare meals. A good balance of carbohydrates (containing essential nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, niacin and thiamine), protein (an excellent source of energy) and fats (useful in fighting depression) is necessary to keep a clear mind and high morale. So if you are going to have a cup of coffee with a friend, go for a healthy wheat bread sandwich instead of a croissant. You will feel more satisfied if your meal consists of whole grains and fiber rather than processed foods high in sugar.

Practice meditation and deep breathing

All you need is about 10 minutes of peace and quiet away from the rest of the world. Sit or lie comfortably with both arms at your sides, close your eyes to avoid distractions, breathe deeply as you clear your mind of all thoughts, and repeat a calming mantra (such as “I am experiencing happiness ”,“ I am loved ”,“ AUM ”, etc.) in your head, so you don’t let your mind wander. Meditation allows working mothers to relax because it helps remove stress and other distractions that keep them from achieving inner peace.

“Most importantly, give yourself permission to relax. If working mothers feel guilty every time, they take time for themselves, it is not selfish to give permission! The last thing you want to do is break down because you’re too stressed out to continue, ”Tugnait says.

She adds that in case you feel overwhelmed, seek help from an expert or mental health professional who can help you cope better and experience the joy of a balanced life.

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