Family Thrifting, Trash Pickup with an Artist | Way of life

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Mike Davis takes care of the Son of A Vet registry.


Holiday Shopping, “Vet’s Son” Style

Figures, dolls and signs outside the Son of a Vet store

Adopt Road Volunteer Nicole Anderson, Using a Pickup Truck to Remove 600 Trash

Adopt a Freeway Volunteer Nicole Anderson finds trash in a lot just off the freeway.


Artists adopt a highway

Adopt - A- Road sign with the name of Nicole Linh Anderson 600

Sponsored by Tracy Do

Interior shot of the living room at Inzio Homes 600

All signs point to Inizio, new homes in Glassell Park

A Paws on Patrol cat in a tree 600

Cat on patrol.


mustachioed labor

Wanted: your nutritional books

Elton John in 1975 at Dodger Stadium 600

Jim Hughes took the photo near the front of the stage for Elton John’s show at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night in 1975.

Elton John at Dodger Stadium, once in a while

Elton John in 1975 Close up on Face 600

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