Fitness and fun: roller skating club finds permanent home in Vancouver

The Rolla Skate Club will open at the Rollerland Building at the Pacific National Expo in December.

This will be the first time in 40 years that Vancouver has a full-time roller skating facility.

The club was founded about three years ago and has struggled to find a place to host events, classes, roller derby games and even an indoor mini skate park.

Before this venue was locked down, classes were held in interesting places, from parking lots to yoga studios to art galleries.

Rolla Skate Club / Facebook

“We’ve been working under one umbrella or another in this community for a long time to find a permanent home for roller skating in this city,” says co-founder Carla Smith.

She adds, “It’s so important to have a place where anyone can go to be active and build strength without judgment, it’s also fun and indoors in Vancouver!


Rolla Skate Club / Facebook

The objective of the Rolla Skate Club is to empower women + through fitness, fun and fraternity.

The history of the PNE building has changed a lot, moving from the old women’s building to the Rollerland building in the 1970s.

There will be a grand opening for the home of the Rolla Skate Club in Rollerland at PNE on Saturday 4th December.

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