Fitness is fun at the Cork Gym which combines laughing and lifting

A man from CORK created a gym with a twist, giving people the chance to get in shape in a fun environment.

EMF Lifting and Laughing has been in Blarney since 2015, when it was installed in the GAA gym by local man Eoin Murphy, a fitness fanatic who has worked out gyms overseas.

Eoin said he was at a crossroads when he decided to open EMF Lifting and Laughing.

“I had recently lost my job and thought it was the right time to finally take the step of faith and start my own project.

“A good boot from my mom to the welfare office also helped endlessly,” Eoin said.

“An Irish mom is the best business consultant you’ll ever have.”

Instead of taking the rigorous “no pain, no gain” approach taken by many gyms, Eoin wanted to do things a little differently at EMF, which now has its own premises near the mills.

“The inspiration behind the direction we took was simple,” he said.

“I had worked and attended gyms all over the world, from San Diego to Sydney and Cork to Cardiff.

“I’ve seen so many gyms and personal trainers take the ‘go or come home’ approach and felt that the vast majority of the world didn’t really like it.

“I wondered if taking a fun and pleasant approach would work, and if it could be developed into something that would appeal to the masses,” he added.

“I’m a bit of a prankster and messenger myself, so I thought bringing this to the gym would make it more of a place of entertainment than a home of exercise.

“Ideally somewhere you were eagerly waiting to go and somewhere you left feeling better than when you walked in.”

Eoin said that EMF Lifting and Laughing gives people the chance to reimagine what a gym could be like.

“That lifting weights and getting in shape is something they can do, even if they hate the idea of ​​the gym or think they’re not a ‘gym person’,” he said. he declares.

“It gives people a healthy pastime that allows them to make friends, have fun, and improve their physical and mental health in the process.

“I always say the exercise we do is a bonus.

“Most people come to relax, unwind, chat, listen to jokes and move around.

“For us that means they have a good time here and then come back.

“Much like in Rome, health and fitness cannot be built overnight; it takes several months, even years.

“The guilt or shaming people for coming back doesn’t last, we found.

“Most people just want a safe and friendly space to move around and unload.

“This is what we are offering. “

The impact of this approach on customers attending the gym has been overwhelmingly positive, Eoin said.

“To say that we have a very positive impact on the lives of our customers would not be an exaggeration,” he said.

“We are a second family to them in some ways.

“We’re somewhere they can go to get away from it all and feel good about themselves no matter what’s going on outside of the gym.” EMF Laughing and Lifting has three employees, but Eoin said the team is constantly growing and encouraged anyone with coaching experience to get in touch if they are looking for a job.

“Our three current staff members are myself, Eoin, otherwise known as Baron of Banter, Phil the Duke of High Jinks and Dean the Earl of Craic,” Eoin said.

“Having fun and messing around on a royal level is how we like to do things. “

Like many companies, EMF Lifting and Laughing was forced to close its doors with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and during the lockdowns that followed.

However, Eoin said the gym has quickly established an online presence to help customers stay active at home.

“From there EMF Lifting and Laughing Online was born overnight and we were able to make it easy to make Fitness Fun for anyone who could have fun on Zoom for Bones a Year.

“Covid has really shown us how important health is to everyone – it is after all a global health pandemic.

“Since we most recently reopened, in June, we have never been so busy,” he added. “So many people realized they wanted a place to go to have fun, be healthy and meet good people.

“Always focusing on the positive path down EMF is our only mantra, so luckily Covid wasn’t that bad.”

Eoin’s hopes and plans for the New Year are simple.

“To continue spreading the word that fitness can be fun, laughter can accompany lifting, and that there’s a gym like you’ve never experienced, in a good way, hopefully.

“A major plan for 2022, however, is the roll-out of our EMF Lifting and Laughing internship,” he added.

“An eight week program for qualified coaches to learn how to do everything we do.

“We strongly believe that every city in Ireland should have an EMF Facelift and Laughing and by launching this program we can hopefully start populating the world with more Royal level coaches.”

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