Five-minute breakers to create a headspace at home and instantly clear your mind

Leading transformation expert Alice Crawley shares her tips for getting out of the hamster wheel of bad thoughts.

It’s hard to find any kind of locked out space, but free space is a particularly scarce commodity right now.

The good news is that free space can be created in just five minutes and does not require more than a moment of mindfulness.

We can get into cognitive overload by sitting in front of a computer all day or juggling too many tasks, but studies show that our brain chemistry changes when we have as little as five minutes to reset.

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Here, quantum transformation expert Alice Crawley shares six short circuit breakers when you need free space when you have limited physical space.


One of the best ways to slow down and recharge is work of breathing. We can reset ourselves emotionally, mentally, and neurologically with a few minutes of conscious breathing.

It can be as simple as consciously tapping into your breath when looking at a candle. Light a candle and focus on the flame as you breathe intentionally. Pay attention to your breathing, as it comes in and out, and as you continue to focus on the flame, your breathing allows you to fall into a trance state that alters your mental state.

Another quick way to get energy flowing from your toes to your tip is to stand up straight, with presence, stretch your arms above your head, take a strong and powerful position, breathe deeply and purposefully. for a few minutes while remaining in this position. strong position.


It is a powerful tool when it comes to the mind. Taoist monks have used visualization techniques for millennia to draw energy from our surroundings and create balance in mind, body and soul.

Alice offers free visualizations and meditations on her website to help you change your emotional, mental and physical state, including a Earth and sky imagery exercise which can be done sitting on a chair or on the floor, for one, three or five minutes.


Just because most yoga classes usually last an hour, doesn’t mean you need an hour to experience the benefits of this ancient practice. A few yoga poses and stretches, along with deep breaths, are all it takes to get energy flowing through your body and mind.

If you’re feeling anxious, frustrated, or overwhelmed, one of the best anchor yoga poses is a simple kid pose – when you do this with your arms down by your side, it sends a signal to your brain. that you are safe and protected.

Another great yoga pose to rebalance your energy is the Sphinx pose. With both of these poses, hold them for at least 10 slow, steady breaths if possible and just focus on your breathing, or take it to the next level by repeating a comforting mantra such as “I am calm” or “I am safe. And it will help change your energetic, physical and emotional state.

Tea time

Many of us already enjoy regular tea breaks as part of our daily routine, but try turning your next cup of tea into a ‘time for me’ for that extra boost.

Take five and sip the tea away from the computer and any noise or distraction. Sit in the sun or take in nature if you can. Focusing on the light reflecting off a tree or watching birds fly can do wonders for our focus and mental state. It’s about making this tea break a “me” break.


To speed up the feeling of well-being, turn a break from movement into a nightclub. Dancing bypasses the critical thinking faculty of the mind and puts us in a freer state of being, so blast your favorite song and dance like no one is watching you to really sink the endorphins and creative juices.


As hard as it can be to motivate yourself on some days, a quick walk around the block, even for five minutes, is a great way to reset and recharge, especially when it feels like the walls are closing in. during a lockout period. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air and sun when it comes to our mental well-being.

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Alice Crawley is a transformation expert with over 25 years of experience leading businesses and professionals through complex transformations. She uses tools and techniques of quantum transformation, integrated healing, hypnosis, NLP, and therapeutic methods, which she has used to transform her own life and catapult herself from the depths of drug addiction, debt and self-esteem. desperation towards personal freedom with a highly successful corporate and entrepreneurial career.

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