Flexible working, gamified culture, and more

Shiseido Hong Kong launches 7 social benefits: flexible working, fun culture, etc.


Staff can also take advantage of two Friday afternoons off every month during the summer, with flexi-dollars allocated to spend on wellness items.

Increasingly focused on work-life balance and wellness, cosmetics company Shiseido Hong Kong (SHK) has adopted seven employee-centric wellness programs, which include in three main areas: flexible working, gamification in promoting corporate culture and employee well-being.

flexible work

  • Pilot a hybrid working model in julyoffice staff have the right to work remotely up to two days a week.
  • Staff have the right to work remotely during the period of mandatory hotel quarantine and medical surveillance at home following personal trips abroad, without deduction of additional annual leave, for a maximum of seven consecutive days.
  • Flexible work schedule arrangements allow employees to customize where and when they work.

Gamification in the promotion of corporate culture

To meet the interest of Gen Z employees and improve learning efficiency, SHK held the first-ever “SWITCH Party” in August, where teams of employees from different departments work together to tackle different challenges with SWITCH. This culture of play culture program integrates interactive games with formal theoretical instruction with the aim of improving staff understanding of the working principles of the “TRUST 8” company in a fun and relaxed environment.

Comprehensive Wellness Benefits

  • Implement ‘Summer relaxation program since 2017 – a convenient 4.5-day summer work week that gives employees the option of taking two half-day Fridays off per month between June and September.
  • Additional paid leave
    • ‘Annual Leave +’ – which provides two additional paid holidays for employees who have taken all the annual leave to which they are entitled during a company year;
    • a birthday day off,
    • seven-day marriage leave,
    • three days of compassionate care leave,
    • a warm blessing to celebrate or show support on special occasions.

  • ‘Flexi-Dollar welfare’ – employees can flexibly allocate a designated amount of flexi-dollars each year on a set of wellness and lifestyle items that best meet their needs and interests and repay flexi-dollars from the company. Flexi-dollars can be spent on:
    • gym/fitness/yoga memberships,
    • body/spa massage,
    • personal overseas and local travel expenses include airfares, stays, sightseeing/visiting expenses,
    • gadgets include smartphones, game consoles and games,
    • optical care includes the purchase of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses,
    • personal advice.

Commenting on these initiatives, Alice Chan, Director of Human Resourcessaid new wellness programs help attract and retain the most talented people, especially the younger generation who strongly value workplace culture, want a healthy work-life balance and have a strong preference for flexible working.

“We are committed to ensuring that our benefits are relevant to our employees and remain relevant to the ever-changing trends happening in the workplace,” she said. “By improving employee satisfaction, these benefits will help improve motivation and efficiency at work, and ultimately create a win-win situation between the company and employees.”

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