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Written by Aspyn Wallender

Photo by: Samantha Flett

Colleen McIntosh is the owner and entrepreneur of Peak Lifestyle Studio in downtown La Grande. McIntosh says the small town of La Grande grew on her because there are options for adventure. McIntosh is certified in Essential Oils and Wellness Education and teaches Buti Yoga. She is also a personal trainer and coach for Turn Up Dance. During my interview with McIntosh, she expressed the importance of what she called “simplified wellness.” For her, it’s not about diets and hard training; simplified well-being is to “implement more good that will eventually eliminate the bad”.

McIntosh is a woman who strives to empower others through body movement. She started Peak Lifestyle because she wanted to create a cohesive environment where individual choices and mindfulness are encouraged and welcome for everyone. McIntosh expressed her passion for the movement, as well as her importance for it to be a “very female-centric environment.” She says, “If you are a positive person and want to improve your life around you, you belong; no matter where you are from or who you are. Much of it is very divine.

Peak Lifestyle Studio has partnered with EOU for five years, where McIntosh teaches Power Yoga, which is a cardio-based movement. She also offers free yoga classes for EOU students (while school is in session) every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in her studio on Adams Avenue. Its goal is to involve more students in off-campus life. She thinks that “it is important to explore more the city in which you go to school”. His studio also allows a discount for students who want a package. It’s $35 for students who have unlimited access to all classes, and if you want to try a class, it’ll be $5 instead of $10. Since Peak Lifestyle Studio is in partnership with EOU, there is a credited OUT course, titled Meaning and Movement, as part of the Outdoor Adventure Curriculum. This will take place on Thursdays in the spring of 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

McIntosh’s goal in providing student services is to create a healing space and a safe place for mental and physical health. She wants to bring consistent opportunities that encourage you to keep moving your body for life. McIntosh also says, “It’s important to find something you like rather than what you think you have to do.” She basically expresses the importance of mobility because of the benefits it provides: “You have to move to function. Moving your body releases all those endorphins and toxins, allowing the brain to focus and study.

Peak Lifestyle is a place to move your body and be honest with yourself. They offer a variety of services like Spin, multiple forms of yoga, wellness education, dance cardio, HIIT workouts, as well as massage therapy and a salon. It’s important to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy, because as McIntosh says, “Movement is medicine.”

For questions and inquiries, call (541) 663-6404, or look online to see what they offer, and book a class at

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