French girl fell in love with guy Bihari, got married in India

A young woman from Paris, France came to India to marry her Indian boyfriend. Mary Lori Herl from France was in a relationship with Rakesh Kumar from Begusarai. The couple got married Sunday in a Hindu style. After the couple’s wedding, villagers flocked to see the “groom” Bihari and the foreign “bride”. On Monday, the day after the wedding, relatives and villagers returned home to see the foreign bride.

Rakesh Kumar, son of Ramchandra Sah, a resident of Katahariya, Begusarai, married Mary Laurie Hurl, a businessman from Paris, in the traditional way. Marie was accompanied by her mother at the wedding. The bride and groom will be back in Paris next week.

Rakesh’s father Ramchandra Sah said his son lived in Delhi and worked as a tour guide in different parts of the country. During this time, he befriended Mary, who visited India about six years ago. After that, even after returning to his country, they kept in touch and fell in love later. After that, Rakesh also went to Paris three years ago. There, Rakesh started a textile business in partnership with Mary. During this time, the love between the two grew stronger.

When Mary’s family found out about their love affair, they agreed. Mary loved Indian culture so much that she planned to come to India and get married in her husband’s village. After that, Mary reached the village with her parents and Rakesh and the two were married here on Sunday evening according to the Indian Sanatan tradition while chanting Vedic mantras. According to information received, Rakesh’s uncle was working as a guide.

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