General Hospital spoilers from January 24, 2022 to February 4, 2022 has the latest, new general hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead, from Monday, January 24 through Friday, February 4. Watch a much-loved couple recommit to their lives, leading another couple to examine their own relationship. Meanwhile, Peter is on the move, Laura faces an enemy, and Sonny hopes to finally smooth things over between him and Carly.

general hospital spoilers week of January 24:

GH threw every character they had in their storylines last week, and it gave Carson a much-needed break. And Luke’s memorial left us with even more questions!

general hospital Spoilers for Monday January 24:

Sonny and Carly love each other, that’s clear. (Couples don’t go through everything they have if they’re not seriously committed.) But as they say, sometimes love just isn’t enough. Will they manage to overcome their last difficulties?

What’s behind Curtis’ change of heart?

Ned and Olivia present a united front to Leo as they give the boy good news.

Maxie has to deal with both heartache and an unfortunate realization at the same time.

What does Victor really do and what does he hope to achieve in Port Charles? That’s exactly what Valentin wants to know… but will he be able to find out the truth?

Watch out hearts! When the heart calls you Season 9 preview: Stars reveal emotional new storylines and new faces – and how Hope Valley is heading into the future!

general hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, January 25:

The Savoy might be where people usually head for a relaxing evening, but things are about to get very tense at the hot spot.

How will what Victor discovers play into his grand plans?

Britt asks Austin questions he probably shouldn’t answer.

What does Harmony have for Alexis?

Esme is doing what she does best, which is stirring the pot. Will Cam be dragged into her latest drama?

general hospital Spoilers for Wednesday January 26:

The teenagers have been talking for ages about running away to Sonny’s cabin, and they finally arrive. (We can’t help but wonder if Cam, Josslyn, Spencer, Esme and Trina have ever seen a horror movie. Don’t they know that nothing good ever comes from trips to remote cabins in Woods ?)

Carly’s life has been turned upside down lately, so today she decides to try to reconnect with her inner peace. You know what definitely won’t help him in that regard? The arrival of longtime enemy Ava!

Is it wrong that we’re hoping the news Britt delivers to Peter goes along the lines of “You won’t leave the hospital alive?” Of course, given his background, it’s probably more along the lines of, “You won the lottery.”

Valentin makes an appointment with Martin.

Want more details on Jennifer Smith? Here’s what you need to know about who plays her and the character’s connections to the people of Port Charles, including Luke, Laura and Sonny.

general hospital Spoilers for Thursday January 27:

Things are about to get interesting for the teens when Esme offers them to play a little game…

Maxie is known for telling a story or two in her time, but will she be able to pull it off?

Sonny has a meaningful encounter.

As a new possibility arises, Valentin can’t help but be intrigued.

Yoga class becomes about 48.3% more interesting when Sasha arrives…

general hospital Friday, January 28 spoilers:

Usually, it’s Brook Lynn and Chase who get caught up in compromising situations. But this time, it’s Brook Lynn who finds the piece in one. How is this going to unfold?

Drew meets Sam and their daughter, Scout.

Who does Curtis meet up with when he goes to Charlie’s? (And what is he doing lying around the competition venue?)

Epiphany will be caught off guard by whoever walks through the swinging doors of Kelly’s.

When tensions escalate in the cabin, will words be spoken that cannot be taken back?

general hospital spoilers week of January 31:

general hospital Spoilers for Monday January 31:

You know what they say: Go big or go home! Sonny is hoping for a grand gesture. Speaking of big moves, Michael surprises Willow by offering to fly to Paris!

Will anyone buy what Esme is selling when she tries to play the victim?

What does the future hold? Although no one can know for sure, Liz and Finn try to figure out theirs.

Watch out Marshall, because Stella is coming to face you!

general hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, February 1:

Ned and Olivia are surrounded by friends and family as they renew their commitment to each other.

Carly manages to catch Drew off guard.

As Maxie tries to figure out what her next move should be, Brook Lynn hopes to be forgiven.

Chase and Dante take some time to reconnect.

It’s time for Scotty to find out where a long-gone fan favorite has gone these many years.

general hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 2:

Tracy has always been the kind of woman who can take care of herself, but things are really not going well for her today!

Sonny and Carly finally sit down to have a much-needed conversation. Will things between them be better once they clear the air?

Spencer is about to leave for Spring Ridge. But before he does, those he loves the most gather at Kelly’s house to bid him farewell.

Trina manages to catch Ava off guard.

Austin and Maxie try to analyze exactly what happened between them.

general hospital Spoilers for Thursday, February 3:

What is Sam looking for in Spinelli?

It’s time for Mac and Dante to bring Peter back to Pentonville. (Has anyone else been a bit worried, given how often prison transfers have gone wrong on this show in the past?)

When Sonny goes to Charlie’s house to see Phyllis, will he ask for her help or share some good news?

Laura and Victor have been on a collision course for some time, and today she finally confronts him. Meanwhile, Esme’s mind is focused on Spencer.

general hospital Spoilers for Friday, February 4:

When Sonny needs a little encouragement, Kristina is there for her dad.

Felicia and Anna wait for news on an unfolding situation.

Following Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal ceremony, Brook Lynn and Chase find themselves talking about their own situation.

Obrecht knows a thing or two about ulterior motives, and she wants to know exactly what Nina are!

Maxie has been under a lot of stress over the past year. What happens that finally allows her to breathe a little and feel relieved?

Stimulated by Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal, Brook Lynn and Chase talk.

We learned what the characters will be doing for the next few weeks, now watch the new general hospital throw pics in our gallery below then get all the latest general hospital exits and returns in one place!

—Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta

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