Global Spa Industry to 2028

Dublin, 16 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “Spa Market Share, Size, Trends, Industry Analysis Report, By Type, By Service, By End-Use, By Region; segment forecast, 2021-2028” has been added to from offer.

The global spa market size is expected to reach USD 89.40 billion by 2028 according to a new study. The report provides a detailed overview of current market dynamics and provides analysis of future market growth.

The global market is boosted due to some prominent factors such as rapid urbanization and developing economies coupled with huge demand to opt for these facilities for maintaining health and wellness which is driving the growth Of the industry. Additionally, the increase in sedentary lifestyles along with the chaotic schedules of professionals who choose these wellness centers for relaxation and stress relief will further propel the growth of the industry. As a result, spas that adopt modified premium skills through numerous facilities and treatments are gaining popularity, which is driving the market.

Based on the type of service, the hotel/resort segment captured the market with leading revenue. Due to the growing number of hotel chains in the international market along with the growing number of travel and tourism businesses, the growth of the segment is increasing. While the destination segment is expected to account for the fastest growth rate owing to the availability of varied type of these massages.

The growth is accelerating due to people’s increasing awareness regarding healthy and well routines linked to the increasing affordability of these facilities in emerging markets. Emerging economies are also seeing a significant increase in the number of the working population, which reveals unhealthy lifestyles and high levels of stress. The requirement for proper stress management is essential, which can heighten people’s interest in these services.

Increasing the inclination of consumers towards healthy and standard lifestyles, many people frequently seek conveniences that can ease the tensions generated by a busy lifestyle. As a result, these services are gaining popularity, which, in turn, is increasing the demand for spa and massage centers.

Main participants such as Clarins Group, Belmond Maroma Resort & SPA, Emirates Palace Spa, Four Seasons Hotel Limited, Gaia Retreat & SPA, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG, Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Jade Mountain, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Lanserhof, Massage Envy, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International Inc., Planet Beach, Rancho La Puerta Inc, Six Senses Hotels Resorts SPAs, Trailhead SPA. are some of the key players operating in the global spa industry.

Main topics covered:

1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Research methodology

4. Spa Market Overview
4.1. Spa Market – Industry Overview
4.2. Dynamics of the spa market
4.2.1. Drivers and opportunities Busy lifestyle in urban areas Growing demand in emerging areas
4.2.2. Constraints and challenges High cost of service
4.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.3.1. Bargaining power of suppliers (moderate)
4.3.2. Threats from new entrants: (low)
4.3.3. Bargaining power of buyers (moderate)
4.3.4. Substitute Threat (Moderate)
4.3.5. Rivalry between existing companies (high)
4.4. PESTLE analysis
4.5. Spa Market Industry Trends
4.6. COVID-19 Impact Analysis

5. Global Hot Tubs Market, By Type
5.1. Main conclusions
5.2. introduction
5.2.1. Global spa market, by type, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
5.3. Hotel/Spa Resorts
5.3.1. Global spa market, by spa hotel/resort, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
5.4. destination spa
5.4.1. Global spa market, by spa destination, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
5.5. Day spa/salon
5.5.1. Global spa market, by day spa/salon, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)

6. Global Spa Market, By Service
6.1. Main conclusions
6.2. introduction
6.2.1. Global spa market, by service, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
6.3. Massage
6.3.1. Global spa market, by massage, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
6.4. Beauty/Grooming
6.4.1. Global spa market, by beauty/grooming, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
6.5. Fitness
6.5.1. Global spa market, by fitness, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
6.6. Others
6.6.1. Global Spa Market, by Others, by Region, 2016-2028 (USD Billion)

7. Global Spa Market, By End Use
7.1. Main conclusions
7.2. introduction
7.2.1. Global spa market, by end use, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
7.3. Man
7.3.1. Global spa market, per man, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)
7.4. Female
7.4.1. Global spa market, by woman, by region, 2016-2028 (USD billion)

8. Spa Market Assessment by Geography

9. Competitive landscape
9.1. Expansion and acquisition analysis
9.1.1. Expansion
9.1.2. Acquisitions
9.2. Partnerships/Collaborations/Agreements/Exhibitions

10. Company Profiles
10.1. Emirates Palace Spa
10.1.1. Company presentation
10.1.2. Financial performance
10.1.3. Benchmarking services
10.1.4. Recent development
10.2. Clarins Group
10.2.1. Company presentation
10.2.2. Financial performance
10.2.3. Benchmarking services
10.2.4. Recent development
10.3. Belmond Maroma Resort & SPA
10.3.1. Company presentation
10.3.2. Financial performance
10.3.3. Benchmarking services
10.3.4. Recent development
10.4. Four Seasons Hotel Limited
10.4.1. Company presentation
10.4.2. Financial performance
10.4.3. Benchmarking services
10.4.4. Recent development
10.5. Gaia Retreat & SPA
10.5.1. Company presentation
10.5.2. Financial performance
10.5.3. Benchmarking services
10.5.4. Recent development
10.6. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz SA
10.6.1. Company presentation
10.6.2. Financial performance
10.6.3. Benchmarking services
10.6.4. Recent development
10.7. Hot Springs Resort and Spa
10.7.1. Company presentation
10.7.2. Financial performance
10.7.3. Benchmarking services
10.7.4. Recent development
10.8. jade mountain
10.8.1. Company presentation
10.8.2. Financial performance
10.8.3. Benchmarking services
10.8.4. Recent development
10.9. Lanserhof
10.9.1. Company presentation
10.9.2. Financial performance
10.9.3. Benchmarking services
10.9.4. Recent development
10.10. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
10.10.1. Company presentation
10.10.2. Financial performance
10.10.3. Benchmarking services
10.10.4. Recent development
10.11. Marriott International Inc.
10.11.1. Company presentation
10.11.2. Financial performance
10.11.3. Benchmarking services
10.11.4. Recent development
10.12. Want a massage
10.12.1. Company presentation
10.12.2. Financial performance
10.12.3. Benchmarking services
10.12.4. Recent development
10.13. Omni Hotels & Resorts
10.13.1. Company presentation
10.13.2. Financial performance
10.13.3. Benchmarking services
10.13.4. Recent development
10.14. Planet Beach
10.14.1. Company presentation
10.14.2. Financial performance
10.14.3. Benchmarking services
10.14.4. Recent development
10.15. Rancho La Puerta Inc
10.15.1. Company presentation
10.15.2. Financial performance
10.15.3. Benchmarking services
10.15.4. Recent development
10.16. Six Senses Hotels Resorts SPAs
10.16.1. Company presentation
10.16.2. Financial performance
10.16.3. Benchmarking services
10.16.4. Recent development
10.17. SPA at the trailhead
10.17.1. Company presentation
10.17.2. Financial performance
10.17.3. Benchmarking services
10.17.4. Recent development

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