Goings On with Grant: Five Below is Hosting a Grand Opening Friday

The winds of retail thrift finally brushed the faces of Starkville shoppers.

Five Below, inside the Triangle shopping center where Garan’s old manufacturing plant once stood, held a soft opening on Monday and will have its grand opening on Friday.

The mall began construction in October 2021. Project developer Mark Castleberry told me he was happy to see the mall’s first business open with others soon to follow.

“I love seeing a full parking lot,” Castleberry said. “And, of course, I’m also just excited about the project. It was very fun.”

Castleberry also told me that he expects the other businesses in Triangle Crossing to be open by November. Aldi grocery store will open on October 20 and Ulta Beauty will open the next day, Marshalls on October 27 and Rack Room Shoes on October 28, to name a few.

If you’re like me, shopping makes you thirsty. NobiliTea, a Texas-based beverage company that sells tea and other beverages, announced it was heading to Starkville in a Facebook post on August 15.

I contacted the company’s headquarters in Tyler, not far from my hometown of Dallas, but never received any information about the date and location of the new beverage store. However, his Facebook post told customers that information about the new store would be available soon.

Moving to Columbus, Mobile native John Klosterman, owner of Klosterman Catering, has almost finished renovating the former Proffitt house at 571 Ridge Road.

Klosterman told me he plans to open a Bed and Breakfast/Airbnb in the historic home by mid-September. He began renovations in November 2021 and has finished everything except the driveway and some landscaping.

When he started the renovation, Klosterman knew he wanted to keep the original style of the house while giving it a new face for customers.

“I think it’s a wonderful house and it speaks for itself,” Klosterman said. “I tried to preserve the house and not empty it, but at the same time we had to do some things to consolidate it and make sure it was structurally sound.”

If taking a relaxing long weekend at a classic Airbnb vacation spot isn’t your thing, maybe you’d enjoy a soothing massage to stretch those muscles you’ve probably forgotten about at your usual nine to five.

Phoebe Breland opens Still Water Massage Therapy, a pain management and mobility massage business. Breland told me she named the company after the old adage “calm waters run deep,” which she sees as related to the healing powers of massage therapy.

Breland decided to strike out on her own after leaving the recently closed Lucent Medi Spa, where she worked as a massage therapist. She hopes to open by mid-September. The new business will be at 2002 Hwy 45 N.

“It was like a one-day thing,” Breland said. “When the spa suddenly closed, it became a day now.”

Lucent Medi Spa located at 2406 Hwy 45 closed earlier this month. Owner Richard Brownstein told me the spa had to close after its head beautician, a skin care specialist, left and took a large chunk of the guests with them. The beautician’s daughter also worked as a receptionist at the spa and left with her mother.

“I really cared about it and it’s such a shame,” Brownstein said. “I put a lot of work and blood into it to tell you the truth.”

Well, folks, that’s all for now. See you next week for commercial news!

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