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Posted on Mar 31, 2022 11:00 a.m.

Former Auckland DJ Laura Marsh, aka DJ Laura Lush, is passionate about creating equality for women and gender diverse people.

As part of her doctorate, Marsh wanted to combine her artistic skills with her knowledge of DJing to create a feminist project.

“I really wanted to do something with people in the community,” she says.

“I didn’t want to be in a gallery anymore. I wanted to make a change somehow.

Marsh designed and built a Jamaican reggae-style sound system called Ninth Wave Sound.

Ultimately, it sounds like a stack of big speakers, but Marsh says Ninth Wave Sound is the first audio system in New Zealand designed and built by a woman.

“By building a big sound system, I knew I could open up a space that was not for men, because sound system culture and DJ culture around the world is dominated by men.”

Marsh’s project is about how the listener experiences and appreciates music through their whole body.

“Questions of sound entering the body bring us on the same wavelength. It brings us together, where we know each of us is going through something similar or interested in how the other is going through it.

“From there, it creates a whole different vibe for an event.”

As part of its final evaluation for its doctorate, Ninth Wave Sound was due to be part of the Splore Festival in February, but the three-day event was canceled due to Covid-19.

To complete the practical part of her assessment, she invited a small group of women in Gisborne to meet Ninth Wave Sound.

As a newcomer to the area, this was Marsh’s first time meeting most of the women.

The introduction to Ninth Wave Sound began with a meditation on sound vibrations with Hawke’s Bay yoga instructor Amy Bassett.

Marsh met Bassett at a workshop and they clicked on their passion to enhance others’ experiences using sound vibrations.

Bassett sessions are spiritual events that use musical instruments and the chanting of mantras.

“There’s a place inside you that’s untouchable and there’s nothing affecting it.

“It’s always calm, it’s always present, it’s always conscious.

“It’s like a place where no sorrow can enter and we all have it,” Bassett says.

After the session with Bassett, several female DJs played sets throughout the afternoon and those interested received a one-on-one lesson from DJ Laura Lush.

Marsh’s goal is to continue hosting events with Ninth Wave Sound to help grow the female and gender DJ community in Aotearoa.

Sound check: Laura Marsh and Amy Bassett do their final checks before the introduction of Ninth Wave Sound

ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH: Laura Marsh, aka DJ Laura Lush, is the creator of Ninth Wave Sound, a feminist sound system. Pictures of Renae Lolohea

Participation in the Sound Vibration Meditation led by Yoga Instructor Amy Bassett

Meet the Feminist Soundsystem: Ninth Wave Sound is part of DJ Laura Lush’s Ph.D.

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