Greenwich office park on west side to get new fitness center after P&Z approval for Barry’s Bootcamp

GREENWICH – More fitness and sports facilities are coming to the west end of town.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has approved an application to permit a new fitness center in the large office complex near Weaver Street and East Putnam Avenue. Barry’s Bootcamp will open there, offering customers “high-intensity interval training,” according to the organization.

It will be the first opening in Connecticut for the international chain of fitness clubs.

A golf practice facility was also authorized for East Putnam Avenue last month by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

The P&Z Commission authorized a “change of use”, or different type of operation, from the office to the fitness of Building 5 Greenwich Office Park to enable Barry’s Bootcamp.

Commissioners reviewed some traffic issues with the app and recommended that administrators at the large office complex install more signs at the site, noting that the layout there could be confusing for some drivers.

More signs were recommended for the complex “so anyone entering doesn’t walk straight to the garage,” Commissioner Nick Macri said.

Kevin Molnar, a designer working on the project, said more panels will be part of the project. “We would definitely put up signage to help people find their way,” he said. “It’s part of the program.”

Classes at Barry’s Bootcamp will have a capacity of 45 clients, but around 20 clients in a class would be the most typical number, the app says.

No one from the public spoke about the request Tuesday before approval was granted for Barry’s Bootcamp.

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