Gronewold discusses pandemic challenges at Exec Club meeting | Health and fitness

“We assumed we were the center of things. We never thought about what would happen if there was an East Coast and West Coast pandemic at the same time, and everything we needed for that same pandemic was exhausted by the time the pandemic brought us down. hit. No one across the country realized what kind of supply chain problems we would have. “

But that’s when members of the Lincoln community showed their true colors, according to Gronewold. He said the people of Star City were “just phenomenal.”

“I remember when a Pinto came up to our front door and opened the tailgate, and there was a lady from a nail salon who spoke very little English, and she said, ‘We were closed. We have thousands of masks and gloves. Could you use them? ‘ Gronewold recalls. “And then we had a guy from Iron Tattoo who did the same for us. For about three months it was the community that helped us, not our suppliers.”

He said that during the height of the pandemic, Bryan was running out of supplies “all the time.”

“But we never failed, because it was the Lincoln community that did what they did, and it shows us how special it is,” he said. “I could tell you story after story. We kind of found everything we needed to get through this first year of the pandemic. “

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