Gym bunny thrilled with his transformation after gaining two stone weights

A woman has taken to Instagram to flaunt her two stone weight gain – and explained how happy she is with her body these days.

Sannah Amani, who goes by @sculptwithsannah online, posted photos of herself before and after gaining weight.

She told her 21,500 followers why she’s happier when she’s heavier.

Sannah captioned the photo: “15 kg more than in the first photo.

“This transformation has been a long journey and the journey is still not over! I can’t wait to really focus on my upper body this year and match the leg ratio.

“Gaining weight is super hard, especially when genetics come into play. I gained weight in all the places I didn’t want to, I lost weight in the wrong places, I tried so many crap diets and training plans, I’ve really been through it all.”

She posted the photo to show how happy she is with her weight gain

She continued: “But in the end, I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

“I want to take my knowledge to the next level and really learn the ins and outs of training and nutrition so I am SO excited to announce that I am officially studying for my PT qualification with @origym_coe.

“I look forward to bringing you the most knowledgeable, useful and quality content

“Bravo for working on you, for you.”

The post received over 13,000 likes – and the comments section was flooded with supportive comments from its followers.

She was really happy with her weight gain
She was really happy with her weight gain

She is a fitness guru
She is a fitness guru

One person said, “You look amazing and good luck on your new journey! You’re going to smash it.”

A second wrote: “Girl your progress is unreal!!” With four cheering emoji

A third wrote: “You look so strong my queen!

A fourth commented, “So amazing! Proud of you.”

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