Here’s what you need to go to the gym in Ottawa with a vaccination passport

OTTAWA – Two major fitness clubs are offering members in Ottawa and across Ontario a single registration option for COVID-19 vaccine verification, so they don’t have to show proof of vaccination to every time they work out.

The Ontario government’s COVID-19 vaccine passport goes into effect on September 22, forcing non-essential businesses, including gyms, to require full proof of vaccination to access the facility. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Movati and Goodlife Fitness say they will comply with the regulations, requiring all members to produce a physical or digital vaccination receipt to enter the facilities.

However, both fitness facilities introduce an express option so you don’t have to show your proof of vaccination every time you work out.

Here is an overview of the COVID-19 vaccination policies for Movati and Goodlife Fitness.


As of September 22, all Goodlife Fitness members will need to be fully immunized to access the club. Members will need to show proof of their immunization status and photo ID to enter the facility.

Goodlife is launching the Fast Pass, “a convenient option that will allow Ontario members to access our clubs without having to show their vaccination record on each visit.

Goodlife says no copies or records of immunization status will be kept.

To register for the optional Fast Pass, members are invited to do the following:

  1. Ask a GoodLife associate to add Fast Pass to your account;

  2. Present the required documentation in your province – the Ontario vaccination receipt (displayed on a mobile device or printed on paper), as well as a valid government-issued ID that matches the one on the doctor’s file. immunization;

  3. Review and sign the required consent document.

If you do not wish to register for the Goodlife Fast Pass, you will need to show your proof of COVID-19 vaccination and government-issued ID on each visit.

Everyone should wear a mask in the club except when training at your training station.


Movati says that starting September 22, members will be required to produce the following documentation for visual inspection, to enter clubs in Ottawa and across Ontario

  • Your physical or digital vaccination receipt; and,

  • Your government issued photo ID.

Movati also offers a one-time check-in at its express service table in each club.

Members can come to the table in the lobby, where members of the Movati team will be on hand to process your proof of immunization status. Team members will confirm your vaccination receipt and official ID.

“It is a one-time process and once your vaccination status is confirmed, you will be able to return to the club freely without further delay. “

You must wear a mask when entering, exiting and walking around the club. You can remove your mask when doing physical activity.

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