How Lorde’s ‘satirical pop song’ ‘Mood Ring’ is a commentary on feel-good culture

According to Lorde, the culture of well-being can sometimes be “wrong”. In 2021, Lorde released her highly anticipated album Solar energy, with the “satirical pop song” titled “Mood Ring”. With a YouTube video, this musician gave a glimpse of her lyrical inspiration “Modd Ring”.

Lorde described the theme of “wellness culture” in his album “Solar Power”

Honoree Lorde accepts an award on stage while attending Variety’s Power of Women presented by Lifetime | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Variety

Lorde is known as one of the biggest pop stars of her generation. She released songs like “Team”, “Green Light” and “Royals”. In 2021, the artist is releasing Solar energywith new music videos and bright summer vibes.

One of the most popular songs from Solar energy, “Mood Ring”, told the story of the pseudo-wellness trend in the 1960s and even now. Since its debut on Spotify, this track has gained more than 35 million plays on the Spotify music streaming platform.

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Lorde describes “Mood Ring” as a “satirical pop song”

Self-care takes on a whole new meaning with today’s “wellness culture” movement. There are crystals, tarot cards and horoscopes.

With the songs “Solar Power”, “Stoned At the Nail Salon”, and most notably “Mood Ring”, Lorde explored the idea of ​​wellness culture and what people do to be spiritually connected. She mentioned Jia Tolentino’s essay “Always be Optimizing,” which deals with the pressures on women to be “ideal versions” of themselves.

“White women in particular do it in a way that can be pretty bad,” Lorde said during her video interview with Genius. “So I kind of started seeing it everywhere.”

The music video further emphasized those lyrics, with Lorde swapping her brunette hair for a platinum blonde hairstyle. The entertainer appeared in an all-green outfit, burning sage in a beach hut. Since debuting in August 2021, this YouTube clip has garnered over 10 million views.

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‘Mood Ring’ Music Video Features Lorde With Blonde Hairstyle

With lyrics about blonde locks and grown-up dark roots, Lorde established the song’s narrator as a woman in search of wellness. Still, Lorde has experienced some of these feel-good tropes in the real world.

“I don’t know. I’d be in a yoga class or…I’d see a sign at the grocery store or something,” she continued. what do we all do? What is that?’ There’s a satirical pop song here.

Some lyrics on “Mood Ring” detailed this character blowing bubbles and keeping it light, even as their darkness soured the mood. Other lyrics mentioned the “early 2000s” and how they felt so far away for this character.

As with most songs popularized by Lorde, “Mood Ring” was co-written and co-produced by this artist and Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff. It is unclear if or when Lorde will release new music.

However, this artist will perform several Solar energy-themed concerts in 2022. Lorde’s music is available on most major streaming platforms.

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