How to attract money before Deepawali, only one thing will bring wealth, everyone will be amazed

Deepawali Money

If you also want to attract immense wealth, success and prestige before this Diwali, then you must do this one thing, then your wish will surely be granted.

So come, do not miss this special occasion by hand and start this special remedy from this Dhanteras itself. Everyone will be amazed to see your success. For this you will need materials. Let’s find out-


Dakshinvarti conch, saffron, pot of Ganges water, incense sticks, lamp, red clothes.


Place the photographs of Dhanvantari and Lakshmi ji in front of you and spread a red cloth in front of them and place a conch in the south. Make a swastika on it with saffron and tilak with kumkum. Next, chant 7 sets of mantra with a garland of crystals. This should be done for three days. This proves the mantra-sadhana.

After the chanting of the mantra is finished, tie a conch shell in a red cloth and keep it in the house. It is said that as long as this conch remains in the house, there will be continuous progress in the house.


Om Hreem Hreem Hreem Mahalakshmi Dhanda Laxmi Kuberai Mam Griha Stharyo Hreem Om Namah.

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