How to support women dealing with infertility or the loss of a child on Mother’s Day

Different festive holidays have different impact on people.

For some, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the person who gave birth to you or cared for you as a mother figure. It is one of the few days of the year when children take time to adore their mother, or a time when mothers look back at the lives they have brought into the world.

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But for others, Mother’s Day can be a dark and difficult time, especially if you’ve lost your mother or want to become a mother yourself.

Psychologist Jamie Long, Psy.D — who also deals with infertility — notes that holidays like Mother’s Day can add “additional emotional stress to an already complicated situation,” according to

A d provides insight, saying, “Just for the record, infertility and pregnancy or the loss of a child can be devastating experiences that drain the life force of even the strongest women.”

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Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember this Mother’s Day:

The National Infertility Association recommends planning ahead for Mother’s Day.

If they choose to take time off for the holidays, consider finding an activity to do. With a partner – or friends who don’t have children – plan a trip to the movies, a hike or a good meal.

If they choose to talk about their journey, sit down and listen. Tell them that you see them, that you love them, that you know they are hurting, and that you are truly sorry.

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Plan a day at the spa or head to your local nail salon and skip the Mother’s Day brunch.

Do not offer platitudes, reasons or anecdotes.

Don’t tell them how easy it was to get pregnant, give them your own children, or tell them about the negatives of pregnancy, work, or parenthood.

Don’t go to the grocery store or places that are heavily stocked with Mother’s Day items.

No matter how she chooses to spend her Sunday, make sure she spends it taking care of herself🤍

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