I Am Light offers transformation through an immersive multimedia experience

Lisa Annese, author of I Am Light: 180 Days To Remember Who You Are

New Version Incorporates Journaling, Inspirational Quotes, Yoga, and Sound Healing

July 23, 2022 – WorldChangers Media is thrilled to announce the release of I am light: 180 days to remember who you are by Lisa Annese, a book read daily on your own path to truth that is a unique hybrid of inspirational quotes and journal prompts, with yoga postures and sound healings for a journey of self-discovery.

I am light has six chapters, each focusing on a different chakra in the body, the seven energy points along the spine. Within the chapters, there are thirty days of quotes and reflections related to the chakra of the theme of the chapter, the goal being that the reader responds to the journaling prompt provided. Accompanying videos feature Kundalini yoga postures, mantra meditations and sound healing recordings, providing an immersive, multimedia healing experience.

“My book is easy to read, something that can be done daily,” says author Lisa Annese. “These are exactly the tools I used as I processed and healed from my own divorce and how I turned darkness into light in my life.”

“I have personally witnessed, in real time, Lisa Annese’s journey of transformation and healing,” says Katherine Hamer, master teacher and practitioner, owner of The Singing Bowl & Sound Institute of New York and The singing bowl studio. “Her 180 day guidance will bring you back to center, to lasting moments of lasting calm and peace. She can guide you because Lisa has walked this path.

“I love the way she writes. I feel like I’m sitting with her at her kitchen table, enjoying coffee and feeling a big yes!” says yoga pioneer Gurmukh Khalsa prenatal and best-selling author. Eight human talents and Abundant, beautiful, happy.

I am light: 180 days to remember who you are is Lisa Annese’s first book and is available at: https://www.lisaannese.com/book and https://www.worldchangers.media/i-am-light-lisa-annese

Lisa Annese is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation, sound healer, spiritual guide and author. She is a single mother and hearing loss advocate, supporting her son’s needs. Annese is the owner of divine sound, a spiritual healing center in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Learn more at: https://www.lisaannese.com/

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For more information, please contact Lisa Annese at [email protected]

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