I tried a puppy yoga session during Essex which is a celebrity hotspot- Arike Idris

The last thing you expect in a peaceful yoga session are energetic puppies running loose in a gym studio.

But Paws for Thought, an ITV show partner, offers therapeutic yoga sessions accompanied by a litter of puppies. From Pomeranians to Alaskan Malamutes, guests will be able to experience mind and body practice and snuggle up with cute dogs.

The animal-friendly yoga brand runs three sessions a day on select dates throughout the year, with some sessions taking place in Leigh-on-Sea and Deptford, in south-east London.

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This puppy yoga has had a growing celebrity reputation since its debut last year.

He appeared and partnered with TOWIE, was featured on KISS FM radio, and hosted collaborative events with brands like ASOS and Valentino.

Courses in Essex cost £ 32.50, compared to £ 35 for courses in South East London, and demand in Essex has increased significantly in recent months.

This is the first in a long series as it was the first time in my life that I had attended a yoga class, let alone a class with adorable dogs added to the mix.

I wasn’t going to kid myself and knew full well that I was going to play and cuddle the puppies, but the question was what breed was it going to be?

The yoga session with ‘Fluffy Snowballs’

I was greeted by organizer and brand owner Olivia Hughes and yoga instructor Steph Dias and talked about the whole session.

Olivia revealed that all sessions, including the one I was at, would be joined by Pomeranians.

I almost screamed out loud because I found them so adorable because they are so small and fluffy.

As soon as I entered the room, I saw six little puppies running around the room, playing with the toys scattered around the studio and with each other.

Pomeranians are in the room during yoga

The Pomeranians were mostly white fur with a tawny color and they were so energetic, wild and free to the amazement of the guests.

Everyone was arranged to form a large circle with a focused view of Steph and to allow the puppies to roam freely.

Olivia started out by giving puppy safety instructions and what to do in certain scenarios to ensure the puppies are handled safely at all times.

Then Steph started the session by starting with sitting poses and was very easy going with people who wanted to interact with the puppies rather than doing the yoga himself.

The session lasted an hour and Steph made easy movements to put people at ease and adapt to each other’s skills.

The poses used were varied throughout the session, which included seated and bridge stretches like the lotus position and the downward dog pose.

I struggled to do some of the poses that require flexibility, but the puppies would come to my section to go with me and watch everyone.

The yoga class lasted 45 minutes and then we had the chance to play and take pictures with the puppies for 15 minutes.

Was the money worth it?

For someone who has never been to a yoga session and struggled with most of the poses, I loved every second.

I was very distracted by the puppies, not because they were a nuisance, but because of how cute and adorable they were.

It was great that Steph had an engaging session, due to how she incorporated the movements to draw the dogs towards the participants, in case one of them felt like they weren’t receiving the love of Pomeranian puppies.

It was so therapeutic due to the interaction with them too.

Pomeranians at Paws for Thought in Leigh-on-Sea
One of the stars of the yoga session

The attention the Pomeranians gave made me feel appreciated by the way they cuddled up to me at different points in the session. I like that they are not restricted and entertain the whole room.

Doing this will definitely leave you with a big smile on your face.

So considering the length of the session, the number of puppies in the room, and the freedom you have to interact with them, it’s worth every penny to me.

It’s a great way to improve your mood and socialize again after being isolated for 16 months on and off.

I went there alone and never felt uncomfortable because the love of dogs and the way puppies ate my things were great icebreakers for talking and laughing with other people .

This is something that I hope Paw for Thoughts will make permanent and full time, with more dog breeds on their roster, as it is a therapeutic service that would benefit a lot of people mentally.

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