“I was detained by Russian immigration and taken to a club in Ibiza”

I felt at home in Ghana

I went there for the Year of Return 2019 when they invited the diaspora to return home. I had never been to West Africa – my family was from Barbados, because of slavery. This trip opened my eyes because I saw a link between the peoples of the Caribbean and West Africa: my grandmother carried crates of drinks on her head, and in Ghana I saw people do the same. In Barbados, we have neck-neck – which is cornmeal presented in a dome. In Ghana, it is shaped like a ball. I don’t like Ghana’s stance on LGBTQ + rights, but being back where we started has resonated deeply. I learned the word akwaaba, which means welcome.

I was detained for hours by Russian immigration

I had flown to the Kaliningrad International Music Festival 2016. I arrived with my technical team, who were all white, and they went through immigration, but I was arrested. They said I didn’t look like my passport. After three hours, they said, “Do you have an online presence? I said, “Well, if you type in my name…” The search results were: “Ping! Ping! Ping! “But they kept me for another hour. You’re not allowed to have your phone on, so I couldn’t tell anyone what was going on. I said,” If you won’t let me in, turn on. “Just me on the next plane. I don’t want you to treat me like I’m not human. But their attitude was,” We can hold you, and we will. “When my backing vocals and band flew the next day, all the black members were arrested, there’s no recourse, and you get used to these things – but if they wanted to talk me out of going back, it worked.

I love the solitude of a spa when I travel

I love to chat, and I find hot tubs soothing because they are quiet, so I have to be quiet too! I particularly like the spa at Sandy Lane in Barbados – the showers have five settings and there’s a small rock pool, with back jets. It’s like an improved plunge pool – it’s hot and you can splash around. I’m going to hang out there and then go get myself a really good Swedish massage.

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